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How to Automatically Animated Posture Panes on Procreate

If you want to know how to animate on Procreate, it is very simple and straight forward. Open the Gif file that you have saved on your Procreate page. With the arrow keys to dragging the animated clip from your desktop to your main document. You can also add more than one frame per image if you wish to have multiple frames per picture. When you have saved your file, go ahead and click the “animate” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

how to animate on procreate

To do this how to animate on procreate animation, go ahead and create a new private layer called “Background”. Use the right-click menu to open it. Select” NEW”, then” Layer” to bring up a new dialog box. Name your new private layer whatever you like.

Using the left and right arrows on your keyboard to draw and place your images wherever you would like them to appear. For this how to animate on procreate tutorial, I recommend using the default views in the Document Viewer that come with Procreate. These are helpful because they have been set up to automatically save any image you have in a preset order. This is especially useful for animations because it will save your image as an animated GIF file when you save it. You can also set the size, transparency and position of each frame in your animation.

You may wish to adjust the default views to make some more interesting and unique animations. The default views provide many great features such as bouncing panes, rotating objects, moving images and image transitions. One feature that I especially like is the ability to edit frame views with the tap of your finger. This is something you cannot do on the iPad.

To begin your how to animate on procreate YouTube video, simply place the four static images on the middle of the canvas you opened in the Document Viewer. Tap the square where your four images are placed and select “animate”. Your four images will now begin to rotate in a random direction. To stop the rotation, simply press the square again. You can change the speed and direction of the rotation by tapping the squares and dragging the handles in the lower right corner of each picture.

The final step of this how to animate on procreate tutorial is to add some text to your images. To do this, tap the “apply” button on the drawing tool to open up the drawing tab. Tap the drop-down menu next to “text”, select “any”, type in your desired message and fill in any other fields you may need. Finally, tap the “animate” checkbox next to “apse”. The animation assist animations are done!


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