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How to Animation On Procreate With Photos

how to animate on procreate

How to Animation On Procreate With Photos

If you would like to learn how to animate on Procreate this article will show you how simple it actually is. It describes how to make a smooth, beautiful animated GIF from your photos. Procreate is an amazing program for creative artists who want to take an excellent tool for manipulating their images in a brand new way never to be seen before. If you haven’t yet bought this amazing program, it’s time you did. The price is very affordable so you won’t have to worry about spending too much on your education.

The first thing we will discuss when learning how to animate on Procreate is initing your file. To edit a file simply press the + button on your keyboard. When your cursor is over the + sign you will see a drop down menu with 3 choices. Choose the first one, go to “Open In Disk Copy” and upload your chosen photo onto your computer.

The next step on how to animate on procreate with photos is to select the layer you would like to apply the animated GIF to. To do this go to your layers menu. You can also do this by clicking on the word “Layers” from the layers palette. This will open a new dialog box. You will notice there are now options in the Layer tab; choose the + sign to add the selected image.

The next step to learning how to animate on Procreate is to select the animation tab and click on the + sign to add a new frame. When you do this a box will appear with the name of your frame. Enter the name you want for your frame in the text box and click OK. Your new frame will appear as an animated backdrop to your original image. To make your original image to go to the filters menu and select “Free Transform”. You can then drag and drop the image you would like to keep on the background.

The last and final step on how to animate on Procreate with photos is to go to your Photoshop session and click the arrow keys on your keyboard to bring up the draw menu. Click on draw and a window will appear. From here you can click on the frame that you created earlier and select “Fit To”. This will position the new frame at the exact center of the photo where the camera would see it.

All that is left for you to do is click on the “Renderer” tab and make sure that your iPad is selected as the canvas. That’s all there is to learning how to animate on Procreate with photos using the Procreate drawing app! The best thing about this program is that it uses the same system techniques that you are used to in other apps but provides a neat trick that makes your iPad ready to accept more images. So if you are an artist that enjoys creating motion graphics for your own enjoyment or as a teacher that needs to show images of animation in motion to their students, then consider downloading Procreate.


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