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How to Animation On Procreate – Learn the Easy Way!

how to animate on procreate

How to Animation On Procreate – Learn the Easy Way!

As a long time animator, I am often asked how to animate on Procreate. It’s easy! There are many cool new features in the newest version of Procreate, such as the ability to export to Flash and convert PSD designs into animated GIFs, that make working with animations very easy. Here are some quick tips and tricks on how to animate on Procreate.

Use the New Features in 4.3 update omg text mode. You can now export your work as an animated GIF from the Procreate graphics page. Select” PNG” from the Export menu, then pick the file you’d like to import. You can also choose to import an image if you’d rather not export your animation as a GIF. And now with the new features in 4.3, your work can be exported as a single animated GIF for optimal sharing purposes.

Use the Default Settings. If you’d rather not have your work export as a GIF, you can switch to the default setting to avoid any extra work importing your animation as a GIF. Simply press the keys Control + R to reset the animation duration. If you’d rather do it the way you want, using the customize mode will let you select various keyframe and frame types to animate.

Create Animated Layers. One feature in Procreate 5 that really helped me out when I was learning how to animate on Procreate was the addition of layer modes. Now you can create multiple layers of an animated picture. This makes it easy to add more elements to the picture by simply adding new layers. Plus, the layers retain their properties and settings the way they were originally created.

Add Charts To Your Animation. You can add basic bar, line, and text-based charts to your image to make it easier to share your animation with friends and family. You can even add little fun effects to your charts. If you are just starting out with how to animate on iPad, this is a great feature for you to take full advantage of.

Showcase Your Work With Videos. If you’d like to share some simple animations with friends and family as you learn how to animate on iPad, you can simply make a short video that you can upload to YouTube or another video sharing site and instantly display on the iPad. Not only is this an easy and fun way to share your work, it’s also a very effective way to get more views and help to build your social media marketing presence. If you’d like to learn more about using YouTube and other video sites to promote your iPad animation efforts, be sure to check out my blog for more information.


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