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How to Animation On Procreate And Publish Your Work

Are you wondering how to animate on Procreate and create unique and personalized animations with your photos? It is really easy. Open up your photo in the default photo gallery and choose the “Animated By”, then pick a format to use: JPEG or PNG. Then pick an image editing tool, like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and pick an option from the “Gallery Style” drop down menu. Finally, select “animation” and your picture will instantly be animated!

how to animate on procreate

To begin your how to animate on Procreate animation, jump right into the session view and look for the layer called “Background”. You’ll see that it contains two shapes; one is the primary frame, and the other is the animated circle you are animating. Double-click the circle in the main layer to open it in the editing area. You can change its size, color, and shape with any of the tools at your disposal when in the layer editor.

For those of you with absolutely no experience with animations, these tips are meant as a quick reference. For those of you familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, the animation features are pretty much self-explanatory. For those of you just learning about how to animate on Procreate, these tips can help get you started. Remember, before you begin trying to add depth and life to your pictures with your own illustrations or animations, be sure to practice with trial animations first. Once you have a feel for working with your chosen software, there are a number of helpful sites and forums where you can ask other beginners for tips, suggestions, and help.

If you are looking to add some life and depth to your pictures or animations, using the playback option on your PSD to learn how to animate on Procreate might find you wanting to take this feature a little further. Using both the options, you will be able to add much more life to your design, and can fine tune what you have created to make it even more beautiful than you thought possible. To start, open up your PSD in the default screen mode, then choose Window > Preview from the menu to display a preview of your design in full screen mode.

To learn how to animate on Procreate, you will want to duplicate your layout using the Move tab on the animation menu. This will place new artwork onto your layout in the same way that you would with a PSD to create a custom sticker or avatar. You can change the artwork by dragging and dropping it onto the canvas you have been working on. After you have added all of your new artwork, click the arrow buttons next to your artwork to go into the playback mode. This will place your new animation in the place where you last saved it, and you will see a little animation playing in the background as you continue to view your work.

One way that you can really show off your work with animations is by publishing your work to a social media site. By publishing to a social media site such as Facebook and publishing your animation, you will be able to share your art with a wide audience. For example, if you are creating an animated avatar for your Facebook page, then you would upload the image to Facebook, and with a click of a button, the image will appear in the Newsfeed. Now, every time someone posts comments on that Newsfeed post, the image will flash on their screen, showing everyone just what your avatar has been up to. Learning how to animate on Procreate and publish your work can really make simple animations that show off your work on a much larger scale.


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