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How to Animation on Procreate

how to animate on procreate

How to Animation on Procreate

If you have been trying to learn how to animate on Procreate, you may be frustrated at this point. After all, you know you can create some really cool animations with the key shortcuts Procreate comes with, but you just can’t seem to get it to work right. I know I’ve been there, so I thought I’d show you a quick and easy trick that will help you out. Open the GIF file you saved into your Procreate software. Select the draw option from the main toolbar at the top of the screen. Click the arrow next to each individual frame in the drawing and select the new animated frame from your layers palette.

When you wish to add more than one drawn frame to an image, you’ll either click the small plus sign symbol over the top of the drawing in the main layers palette or by clicking on the drawing in the layers palette. The next step is to open your timeline in Procreate. If you’re playing around with the timeline, you can drag and drop items from their corresponding slot on the timeline and place them on either the start or end of any frames. This is how to animate on Procreate, adding these items as you see fit.

The easiest way to go about creating these animations is to create separate images for each frame, then place each one on its own slot on the timeline. The next step is to drag and drop the items from their slots on the left side of the screen to the slots on the right side. You’ll probably want to hold Control at the bottom of the keyboard when doing this to ensure that the item stays in place. Each frame now enters the animation and you can view the images from your composition area by clicking on the little plus sign symbol above each frame. If you want the animation to play in sequence, simply drag each frame down to its corresponding slot on the timeline until it ends.

Animate on Procreate by dragging items on the drawing canvas in either direction. You can also use the arrow keys to move the drawing up or down. To change the speed of your animation, simply hold Control and the number of frames up to speed the drawing. A word of caution: Do not let your children use the draw function! These functions are only available to adults in the graphics & design section.

Another neat trick on how to animate on Procreate is to make a combination of two different images to make an animated GIF. Open a photo in Photoshop. Select the Layers palette, then click on Add, followed by Select. A new empty layer will be added, containing two images – the first one as an animated GIF and the second as a regular image.

Click on each of the images in the animated GIF to sync them up to the timeline. Now go to the View/ Animated tab in the Effects menu. Select the frames that you want to have the animation occur over in order of time. When you’ve synced the two frames together, you can go to the Transform tab to do a custom transform for each frame. If you do this with both photos and videos, you’ll get a nice professional effect.


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