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How to Animation On Procreate

As the father of three (3), how to animate on Procreate is one of my very favorite pastimes. Not only does it make the entire process very easy and fun, but also very educational as well. I was able to learn how to add some really cool special effects to the movie “Wreck-It Ralph” by just viewing the file that I made in the movie, and using the step-by-step instruction in the video tutorial that Procreate teaches you in their software. Here are the steps that I followed to add a cute little baby dolphin to my video.

how to animate on procreate

Open the Gif file in the Procreate video software. Using the trackball on your mouse to drag down your newly made animation on the display screen. You’ll then drag as many frames onto your timeline as you’d like, each in its own, independent color frame – by frame, horizontally and vertically, x and y coordinates. Press the “Animations” icon on the left-hand side of the Procreate software menu to select from a variety of different demos and quickstart videos to get you started.

To begin, select the “New Layer” option. Here you will select your desired animation or video to use as a new layer. From the animation assist area you will see a new layer option with which you can choose the animation you want to use for your new layer. A rectangle should appear where you’d like the new layer to begin. Select the “animate” check box next to the rectangle to begin the operation. This will begin playing the selected sequence, exactly as you set it in the animation assist options.

If you’d like to see your animation as it appears on screen, you can click on the “View” option from the animation control panel to open up a separate window. From here you can move about the frame as you like, though it is still only one single frame in the animation, and all layers are still visible. You may also edit any other frames here as well.

To apply an animation to your project, first select the “animate” option from the layer options on the main tab of the project menu. This will open up a pop-up box. Inside this box you will find a rectangular area where you can enter the duration in seconds. Enter a value in this box that will be used to play back the sequence as it plays. The duration you enter should be a good value that will ensure the effect lasts for the duration of the animation you’ve chosen. After you have completed the initial frame, you can then apply a frame-over-frame transition or overlay to add some depth to the animation.

Some of the most popular methods of making how to animate on Procreate videos are using the built-in video controls and customizing them with your own images, clips, text or voice-overs. To get started with these types of simple animations, just create a short video file by recording yourself doing something on your Procreate machine, then import that file into the timeline and begin playing it. The Procreate software will record everything you do on your machine and save it to a video file for you to watch. If you’ve recorded a short movie that contains hundreds of moving frames, it’s also possible to make your movie into a series of small videos by inserting each individual frame one after the other in the order they appear in the video screen. By selecting the “Live Show” option you can preview what your film will look like when it’s complete. These types of animations can be useful for marketing or promoting your social media accounts on Facebook and MySpace, but they’re also great for making fun personal videos for you and your friends.


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