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How to Animation on Procreate

how to animate on procreate

How to Animation on Procreate

In order to know how to animate on Procreate, you will first need to know how to create the animation. Open the GIF file into your Procreate images application. Click the arrow button next to each frame and choose the new animated frame in your layers selection. When you want to add more than one animated frame to an image then you will either click the little plus sign icon above the image on the right hand side of the screen or by clicking onto the image in the layers palette. Next you will see a edit frame button and a title text box. Use the plus sign to add the selected frame as an action.

To know how to animate on Procreate, here is a demonstration of how to use the Procreate timeline to create a 3D animation with multiple frames. Using the arrow keys on the timeline viewer, select two frames, place them at the center of the picture in the document and move their cursor up and down the timeline. When the cursor is positioned on a frame you will see a color gradient filled with varying intensities on the selected frame. These gradients provide a base line for the frame and a guide to follow the animation through as it runs its course on the timeline.

The next step is to select the speed and delay options and create a play with them. You will find that there are many ways you could use the delay option but the easiest is to make one frame play the same as the selected ones. If you want to add one frame per second to your video then simply double the number in the sliders or hit enter to accept a constant number. It might be necessary to slow things down if your final video is a bit slower than what you were starting with. If you want to change the speed at which the animations play you will need to go into the timeline options and click the arrow button next to ‘animation.’

You can add more of these frames as you use your mouse wheel and/or click the options at the bottom of the animation window. To add a new frame simply click on the plus sign on the right of the frame marquee. Now you have created your first animated frame on Procreate. To add more of these frames just click on the add frame button and scroll through the list of frames until you find the one you want. Again it may be necessary to slow things down when you are doing more than one frame at once.

You may find that the Procreate default settings do not allow you to do a lot of fancy animations so you will need to experiment with the various settings and features available in the animation menu before you find the ones that will let you have fun with your animations. It is also worth trying the various motion effects that you can apply to the images you are creating with the different options available to you. This way you will be able to make your image look as if it has been rendered in 3D. One option that you have is to apply a translucency effect to your image when you are creating it or before you create it. This way you will be able to see your image as it really is, as though you have added a new layer to it.

One of the most exciting ways that you might find yourself using Procreate is with the ability to create very cool looking onion skin frames. This means that you have the ability to make very cool images that look like they have been rendered in 3D using the motion graphics that you have available to you. You will be able to find all of the different options for creating onion skin frames on the animation settings page. This way you will be able to find the ones that will look best with your particular image that you want to use as an animation. You might find that you can tweak some of the options for creating the frame to be more effective at giving you the results that you want.


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