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How To Animation On Procreate

Are you wondering how to animate on Procreate? There are two options for you; either you want to learn how to create a video with the motion gallery or you want to learn how to animate on Procreate. It is really very simple; the first option is free but the second one is not. It will cost you ten bucks to purchase the motion gallery, but it will save you so much time that you will probably consider using the gallery instead of just going straight to using the built in animation tools on the computer.

how to animate on procreate

Open the GIF file from the Procreate images program. Using the trackball on your keyboard to drag over your new animated image on the virtual canvas. You can drag as many frames as you like onto your timeline, and each frame will have a different duration on its x and y coordinates. If you would like to add more than two timelines to your animation then all you need to do is double click the little plus sign next to the animation on your right panel to add an extra layer. Then just select the add tab and you will see that your layers have been added.

Once your image is added all you need to do is create a “layer” of animation in your timeline. This is just a fancy word for adding a frame. Layers are like layers of a picture frame. You can add as many frames as you like onto your layout. Each frame will also have a duration in seconds that it will play in your animated frames.

Animation can be applied to any of your images including photographs, illustrations, and paintings. When you use the Photo Editor in SLP Pro, you have access to a number of tools to apply a basic or creative frame to your picture. One tool in SLP Pro that I particularly like is the snapshot grabber. This tool allows you to take a snapshot of your image and then grab and place multiple frames onto your timeline which will make your animation appear even more realistic.

One of my favorite animations is one that I made for my niece and nephews who were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary. My niece and nephews were having a game of Truth or Dare at my house. While playing Truth or Dare I needed to think up an original question or dare that my niece and nephews could answer with ease. To make this game more fun I decided to make a graphic out of a poster we had at home. After putting together all of my poster images and after spending hours doing my animation I decided it was time to render my image and put it onto my Procreate screen.

After completing this very basic animation I then decided to make a few more changes and tweak my animation settings. The next thing I did was to open my SLP Photoshop file in Photoshop and change the values inside of my timeline to match my animated gifs. After doing this I dragged my selected frame from my Layer Tree into the main layer of my SLP file. At this point I simply dragged the selected frame around my layout until I got the desired effect. I hope you enjoyed this brief how to animation tutorial on how to animate on Procreate.


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