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How To Animation On Procreate

how to animate on procreate

How To Animation On Procreate

Learning how to animate on Procreate is very easy. There are only a few steps involved and it can be done in just minutes. Open the GIF image in your Procreate graphic program. Using the trackpad to drag the new animated image onto the pre created canvas. If you wish to add more than one frame to your animated picture then you can simply add an additional layer on top of the existing layer by clicking near the little plus sign next to the animated picture on the left hand side of the display screen.

Once you have added the image to the canvas you can now create the timeline for your animation. To do this simply go to the Timeline tab on your Procreate main menu and click the pencil option. This will allow you to draw lines within the image to guide your animated frame creation. To change the number of frames per second, you will need to adjust the value within the Timeline tab.

Once you have drawn out your timeline you will want to select the background layer. Doing this will allow you to place the animated image on top of the original image that you are drawing. When you have done so all that is left is to place the desired text on top of your drawing. You can use the arrow keys to move up or down and the space bar to change the color of your text.

One very popular way to learn how to animate on Procreate is to draw some simple lines and then make them go a different way. This way you can change the direction of the lines which will make you go from line to line. Some people like to draw a tree like outline around each frame – by doing this they get a more 3D look. If you really would like to have some fun learning how to draw on Procreate, you may also try and create some funny frames. This way you’ll have some great examples to see how other people handle tough situations.

The best approach to learning how to animate on Procreate is to actually record some of your own animation and then export this onto a flash drive. Once you have done this you can transfer this onto your iPad or iPhone for use in the apps that you have downloaded. There are many apps available that will allow you to export your animation. If you ever find yourself having trouble accessing the animation that you have created on your computer then you should try and find a Procreate video course that will teach you how to do this easily.

Learning how to draw on Procreate can be a fun and easy tutorial. Many people enjoy creating this type of animation and you will be able to share your work with others. The tutorials that are available are easy to follow but can take time to understand fully. It is recommended that you check out some of these courses before trying to tackle the project on your own.


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