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How to Animation on Procreate

So, you have some good photos on how to animate on Procreate. Why not share them with your friends and family? That is so easy! Just open the GIF file from your Procreate photo editing app, and click the sync button. If you already have multiple images on your gallery or in your computer, you may simply drag your new animated image onto the pre-made canvas to begin editing.

animating on Procreate is similar to doing it in Photoshop, only you are using the iPad’s 2D canvas as your drawing surface. Open the GIF file from your Procreate photo editing app. Use the arrow keys to drag your new animated image onto the pre-made canvas in the upper left corner of the screen. If you would like multiple frames per image, you will simply create a new add on palette with that color and that style by clicking on the + sign next to the original canvas in the upper right corner of the screen.

The next step in this Procreate tutorial is to load your animation into the program, by tapping the “loading” option from the main menu. The next step is to find the frame you want your drawing to appear in. You can do this by tapping on one of the images on your image gallery, or you can tap on the “add frame” option from the main menu. This will bring up a new screen, where you will see the options you have for your animation. Click on the animate frame option, so that your drawing will appear in place when you stop clicking.

You can adjust how fast the animation occurs by adjusting the playback speed and the playback position. To change how your image appears on the timeline, simply tap on one of your images in the upper toolbar. The first tab that will pop up is the Effects tab. Here you can make various tweaks to your animation, by changing the transparency, visibility, overlay, blend mode, and color of your image. You can make all sorts of customizations, depending on how you want the final result to look. To create the desired effect, you should always begin by loading your image in the software’s editing program, before you go on to adjusting any of its attributes.

One thing you might notice right off the bat in Apple’s animation software is that it supports both portrait and landscape orientation. This means that you can easily begin animating in either the portrait or landscape orientation, by simply rotating either one of your images around the viewfinder. In fact, if you would like to move your character about the viewfinder, it is very easy to do so, simply by moving your mouse cursor around the viewfinder as if you were actually drawing a picture. How to animate on Procreate by utilizing the portrait mode, is quite simple as well. All you have to do is press the keys of q and e simultaneously to bring up the options menu.

The next step involved in how to animate on Procreate is to simply select the draw toolbar, then choose the draw option. From here, all you have to do is click on the Create Motion icon, which is located in the lower-right corner of the drawing window. By selecting this icon, you will be taken back to the main drawing screen, where you can select the properties for the selected frame in the animation settings. If you need to create different animations, all you have to do is double-click the Create Motion icon.


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