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How to Animation On Procreate

Are you looking for some tips on how to animate on Procreate? The good news is that animation is really easy to do on the revolutionary new Apple iPad. Apple iPad owners can take photos, videos and stills and use them on their tablet. How to animate on Procreate

how to animate on procreate

Open the GIF file onto your Procreate graphics software. Click on the red square on the lower right corner of your screen. Select the draw/animate frame option from the layer menu. If you want to have more than one frame per picture then you can also easily create an extra add-on palette with the click of the small plus sign opposite the original picture on the right side of your screen.

Each time you add a new item to your gallery or as you perform other functions on your procreate app, a new frame will be added to your layer. The number of frames per picture increases as you add more items to your gallery. Once you have added all your pictures you can then go ahead and click the red “frame” icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. That’s all there is to this cool new feature of the free phone app Procreate Animation.

You can also download some of my other ipad applications which are available for free on the Apple store. One of my most popular animations is the one which makes the head move when you tap on the face. If you would like to download my other apps just visit my website where they are listed in alphabetical order.

If you are just a beginner and would rather not have so many graphics and animations running at the same time on your small screen, you can also turn off these features by going into settings. This is very convenient because you do not have to endlessly adjust the settings every time you want to use an animation. It also helps you save battery power as well. You can try several different settings until you find the proper one for you. You can also turn off background music and take a break from time to time by playing a game or two on your device instead.

Several people have requested that I create a video tutorial for the tutorials that I have posted here. As with all my other apps I am happy to oblige. Please be patient as this may take awhile to complete. Some of the things I am going to cover are: how to animate frames on procreate, what video player to use and how to add text to frames. All of these topics can take a few hours to complete if you are a complete beginner. However, it can also be quite entertaining.


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