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How to Animated on Procreate

Learning how to animate on Procreate is not that complicated. There are a few simple steps that you can take to start your learning experience on the new Apple iPad. The process involves using the animation feature of the iPad to create short films or videos that you can upload to YouTube, Facebook, or another site and share with your friends. It is a great way to show off your skills and your talents to family and friends. Learning how to animate on Procreate is easy and quick with the right video tutorials.

how to animate on procreate

If you are having trouble using Procreate animation assist, there is no need to worry. Using the tutorials in the official Apple store is one of the simplest ways to get started. The tutorials will walk you through all of the steps from beginning to end. There is also a video walkthrough available for those that would rather watch a video than reading through an eBook. The book has detailed instructions on each step that will make your project a hit at the next baby shower or just as a fun idea for a get together among friends.

One thing that is great about using this product for simple animations is that you can use them on any of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker. You can even set up your account so that it automatically posts your newest work to all of your accounts at once. It is fun to post your latest work on the internet and it makes you feel like you are really making a difference in the world. This is just another reason why the iPad is perfect for using as a means of social media marketing.

Some other things to think about when learning how to animate on Procreate is how long the videos will be. Animation sites will require you to have at least five minutes of video in order to publish it to the site. Many will require ten minute clips and each one of those will cost you a dollar. Although it can cost you more to create a five minute video than it would to simply add an ipod video to your MySpace or Facebook page it may end up being the cheaper option in the long run. Of course the choice is yours but you may want to go with the option that allows you to create short five minute clips instead of having to learn how to animate on Procreate.

If you wish to know how to animate on Procreate you may also want to know how to switch from using the primary frame. The primary frame is what makes everything come alive. When you first put your animation up on your MySpace or Facebook page simply click on the frame and then choose the color you want the video to have. Then simply make whatever movements you wish to make on the primary frame and copy those movements into the video that you will be posting.

Another way to learn how to animate on Procreate is to utilize the free tutorials that are available online. There are many sites that offer simple step by step instructions that will teach you how to easily switch your animations between the two formats. These tutorials are available for both Mac and PC users and you will easily be able to transfer your animation from one format to the other. This is a much easier process and will allow you to create cute and cuddly animated GIFs for your Facebook, MySpace or iPad pages.


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