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How To Animated On Procreate – Getting Started With 3D Animation on Your Mac

How to Animation On Procreate. Animation on Procreate is something that can be very simple or can be very complicated. When learning how to animate on Procreate you want to start simple. You don’t have to learn how to animate 3D or what light patterns are. All you want to do is start with some basic tools and techniques. If you follow the simple steps listed below you will find yourself animating on Procreate very quickly.

how to animate on procreate

The first step when learning how to animate on procreate is to choose a file to use as an animation assist file. This is simply a collection of images, photos, and text that you want to combine together to create a movie or a video. Once you have chosen a file, you can go ahead and open it in procreate animation assistant, or if you prefer you can simply save this file in a new file.

Now that you have your animation aid file it’s time to start creating your animation. There are two methods that you can choose for how to animate on Procreate. The first method is to load all of the images that you want to use as animations onto your computer. Then you select each image and manually paste them into the appropriate place within the animation aid image dialog box. Loading the images in this manner should speed up the animation process but you may run into some problems if your computer has a lot of junk on it.

The second method is to load the images one by one as you learn how to animate on, the animation window. After each image has been placed you will see a list of buttons, just like the Preview/Start button on the top menu. If you wish to save the selected image, you will click on the save button. When you learn how to animate on, the two different buttons to choose from are the animated frame and the non-animated frame.

The animated frames allow you to draw a basic shape of your character and place it on the upper portion of the timeline. Each frame will then be drawn on the lower portion of the timeline. When you want to make changes to the animation you will use the edit frame feature. Simply click on the edit frame option in the main menu and you will have the ability to make a few different changes to the positions of the characters and how they are drawn on the frames.

If you are new to how to animate on Procreate it might seem a bit overwhelming at first. But with a little practice it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the desired results. With some patience and the right tools it shouldn’t be hard to learn how to animate on Procreate. So if you aren’t sure how to go about creating the various characters that are possible, you might find it useful to find a video tutorial that can show you step by step how to create the different animations that you would like to create. If you are just looking for some inspiration or tips to make things easier then you might find the free tutorials provided by the Apple website to be helpful.


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