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How to Animated on Procreate

Learning how to animate on Procreate isn’t very difficult. There really are only a couple steps involved and it could be done within minutes straight out of the animation screen. Open up the GIF file in your Procreate graphics software. Using the mouse wheel to drag over the image to create a new image. When you’re happy with the size, you can click on the duplicate image and then save it as a Gif. This should work with any size of image.

To make your first animated GIF, go to the Layers palette in the main settings window. Click on the draw option and choose the default from the selection. You will then be able to add in other items such as text and other objects. To add a frame to your drawing, click on the draw again and choose the create frame option.

After you have added in all your items, click on the arrow keys on your keyboard to speed up the process. When you want to slow things down, change the key to slow and the key to fast. Press enter to continue. Next, click on the title at the bottom of the screen to display the layer you are currently on. Next, click on the arrow on the left hand side of the layer to switch to the topmost item on the list.

To add in more movements, add one frame for each movement. Right-click on the draw option and choose the draw two frames option. This will bring a dialog box up asking for which private layer you’d like to use for the animation. Click on each option to display two frames.

To know how Procreate animates, it helps if you know what each frame in each frame looks like. The first frame is always the very first one you see, it is called your starting point and is what you are using as your reference frame. You’ll notice that each time the camera pans to a new position, the origin of the camera is slightly off-set compared to the last time you rendered the scene. The reason for this is that you are rendering at a different speed. Each new frame gets blended into the reference frame. If you render your scene at a constant speed, you’ll end up with a very smooth motion that appears as though you are merely gliding through space.

You can learn how to animate on Procreate by watching a video showing you how to use the motion planner and how to make each frame in the animation appear as though it is moving. There are many options available when it comes to the speed and the easing of the motion, and if you feel you aren’t quite sure how to handle each frame, a helpful Procreate tutorial might help. There are lots of other apps out there that allow you to learn how to animate on Procreate, but the above video is probably the easiest way to get a good idea about it.


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