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How to animate On Procreate With These 3 Great Tutorials

Learning how to animate on Procreate is easy! There are many different ways to create animation on your Apple iPad. These techniques range from easy ones to more advanced ones that will really blow your mind when you learn how to do it. If you’re still learning how to create animation on your iPad, we have 3 quick tips that will get you started today:

how to animate on procreate

How to animate on procreate with the flip feature. Open the IMG file you saved on your iPad, then open up the GIF file on your Procreate graphics software. Tap the Flip button on the main toolbar at the bottom of the screen to bring up the flip feature. Drag and drop your animated image from your desktop over to the pre-designed canvas. You can then create as many frames as you want for each layer of your image using the buttons on the toolbar at the top of the screen

How to animate on Procreate with the motion detection method. To start, create a new frame with your original image. Tap the motion detection option in the main toolbar to place it where you want the motion to occur. Drag and drop the image onto the pre-designed motion detected frame, and note that the animation assists you view the movement better at a glance.

How to animate on procreate with the blend mode. This is the easiest way to go about animating your images on Procreate, and it’s also the most time consuming. Open your IMG file on Procreate, then tap the + button next to the animation layer you created. Select the blend mode you prefer, either stop at frame number one, or start at a new frame and continue creating frames as you go along.

How to animate on procreate with the randomize option. To begin, select the randomize option in the main toolbar. Tap the randomize button to put it into place. Drag and drop your image onto any corner of the grid where you would like the image to be placed. Continue moving and dragging your image to shift the grid to go from a smooth to a bumpy effect.

The easiest and most time efficient methods for learning how to animate on Procreate are by using the tutorials included with the official Apple application. These provide comprehensive video tutorials that explain everything from how to add text to images, how to add various effects, how to use backgrounds, and how to perform basic and complex animations. They also include a collection of other neat tricks and tips for enhancing your images and making them easier to perform on your iPad. If you are having trouble using some of the features, or just don’t understand something in the video tutorial, there is an option in the Settings menu to speak with a professional. These videos explain many of the features of the iPad, including how to animate on Procreate.


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