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How to animate on Procreate – Two Different Animation Techniques You Can Use on the Wii

Learning how to animate on Procreate is easy. Even for advanced users, it’s still a fun and amusing process to see the cute little creatures squirting and spewing all over the screen. Plus, it’s lots of fun to share it with family and friends. So just take the first step and start creating some beautiful animation using your iPad. Here are some quick steps to help you get started.

how to animate on procreate

To create the initial private layer, launch the app and select the layers palette. A new panel will then appear so choose one of the default templates that Procreate comes with. Using the circular motion and dragging to create a basic straight line, drag in your starting point. Next add in your character’s head, arms, legs and torso. Using the Timelapse tab on the main menu, tweak the start and end times to create a slow motion for your animation.

The next step is to create a starting picture frame for your animation. Open the draw screen and use the pencil tool to draw your frame around the origin of the image you have chosen. Use the rotate option to easily change the angles of the drawing. Using theimate on create a ball of fur using the fur-spray option.

After you have finished the drawing frame, go to the draw screen and select the arrow keys to add the frames together. Drag in the two frames together until they form a perfect frame for your animated characters. To change the positions of your animated characters, simply slide the arrows in either direction. You can also adjust the timeline by dragging in one frame after the other to get a moving story between the two.

The last step is to add in your hand movements by selecting the arrow keys again. Use the mouse to replicate the motion of your hands on the two different frames. Then use the tick button to determine when you want the hand to stop moving. To add in more detail to your hand movements, use the space bar to cycle through all of the motion options. To get more realistic watercolors, use the translate and scale buttons to put your characters in different positions on each frame.

Learning how to animate on Procreate is easy when you have access to tutorials that teach you the different methods for animating on the computer. These courses are usually made available as downloads so you can take them straight to your computer and begin practicing what you learn right away. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, learn how to animate using threeD tutorials that show off the intricacies of using motion capture to create amazing 3D animation. If you have trouble with any of the threeD techniques, you can even download the tutorials from the site to help you perfect your skills. animating on Procreate is fun and easy once you get the hang of it, and the tutorials will make learning how to animate on your computer quick and easy.


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