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How to animate On Procreate – Make Your Own Gifs on The iPhone

How to animate on Procreate is pretty simple actually. First you need to find yourself a good free iPad Gif that you want to use as your starting point to create your animations. To learn how to animate on Procreate using an animated GIF, you’ll first have to download one of your favorite free iPad Gifs from the Apple iTunes App Store. When you’ve downloaded an appropriate Gif for what you’re trying to do, you’ll be shown the entire screen and asked to drag your mouse over it to start the animation.

how to animate on procreate

Dragging the mouse over an image in the iTunes App will bring up the screen, but since it’s an animated GIF you won’t be able to actually drag anything over the image itself. Instead, you’ll need to use the track selection tool to put your mouse over the image to start the animation. Once the animation has started, you can make the view more interesting by cropping or expanding the image just like you would if you were in Photoshop. In fact, one way how to animate on Procreate tutorial recommends using the crop and expand buttons instead of using the mouse.

In order to begin your animation you’ll need a simple sequence of pictures that you’ve taken using your camera or iPhone. The first frame is the actual frame your child is sitting in front of when you take the picture. The second frame is the one that your little one is looking at while you take the photo. The third frame is the one, the animation will play back on. The fourth frame is the actual photo you’ll be playing with in the app.

To get started with the animations, it’s best to grab an iPhone and load the App. From there you can create the first frame then you’ll have to go into the preferences to find the keyframe options. Find the animate option, pick it up and you’ll get started.

Another thing you can do to learn how to animate on Procreate is to make an animated GIF from a series of still shots. You can load the series of images on your iPhone and load the GIF onto Procreate. You can then place the images anywhere you want within the document. Then you can create the animation from the multiple layer options and the add new layer options. After that you can play the animation back.

The cool thing about these animations is that they’re not very difficult to make. You’ll find it pretty much impossible not to make your own if you just go to the appropriate site and find tutorials for the basics. There are a lot of cool options to make the scenes with the photos you’ve taken a little bit more interesting. If you’ve never done this before it might be a little bit overwhelming at first but with time and practice, you should find that you’re really able to come up with some great animation. You’ll also find that you can really learn how to animate on Procreate by just playing around and getting familiar with the different options you have available to you.


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