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How to animate on Procreate

how to animate on procreate

How to animate on Procreate

The Most Important Tool to Learn How to Animation on Procreate Animation is just as important as knowing how to animate your HTML pages! So it’s really important for beginners to learn how to do it the right way. Here are some of the main tips and tricks that you should know to make an animation on Procreate a snap:

– Import your files. If you are importing a picture or a photo from somewhere else on your computer or the device where you want to animate on procreate animation assist, you need to identify which file types your previous frames use. There are actually two different sets of images that you can reference from.

The Top Layer. You can add new layers by clicking on the top layer button on the inspector pane. Click the first frame in your animation sequence. There will be a red arrow to indicate that you are currently playing with the first frame of your sequence. If you click on any other frame in the sequence you will see a green arrow. There are also options in the layer control panel that allow you to change the name of each frame in the animation.

The Middle Layer. Once you have finished animating with just one frame, you can now move on to animating with multiple frames. If you click on the play icon on the top right corner of the animation layer you will start playing the sequence. The play icon starts playing one frame at a time and when you need to stop playing the green arrow near the left of the play icon will tell you which frame has ended and you can go back to the playback frame list.

Creating Brush Strokes. To make your animations more realistic you will need to add some brush strokes with the painter tool in Procreate. By clicking the brushes button you will expand a window. Inside this window you will find some brushes. Choose the basic shapes like squares, rectangles and circles.

Animation key shortcuts. As you get more experienced with digital painting, you will learn how to use these shortcuts. They will help you create more complex animations with ease. When you know how to switch from one frame in an animation sequence to another and use shortcuts to do so you are on your way to becoming an animation expert.


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