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How the iapypaw Can Help You Create Stunning Tattoos

procreate pocket

How the iapypaw Can Help You Create Stunning Tattoos

Procreate is an electronic art program designed exclusively for iPads. Procreate Pocket is pretty much the same program, except it’s designed to work specifically on iPhones. If you’re already using the iPhone to take photos and shoot video, is your iPhone or iPad compatible with Procreate? That’s a good question, and it can help you decide if you need a procreate program to help you create art on the go.

The answer is that the Procreate program is not exclusive to the iPhone and the iPad in any way. It works perfectly fine with either of these devices, as well as many other iOS devices, including the iPad mini and the Apple Watch. In fact, the applications that are designed specifically for the Apple Watch and the mini are even more robust and useful than those designed specifically for the larger models of the two devices.

One of the most common uses for the Procreate program is to create photo albums or calendars that can be shared with friends and family. For example, let’s say that you’re celebrating a special anniversary. If you have a high-quality camera phone, you can easily snap some pictures and upload them to your photo album on Facebook, then share them with your friends. However, if you don’t own a digital camera, you might have to settle for taking your photos on your cell phone’s LCD screen. Fortunately, with the Procreate pocket, you can turn the whole process into a collage that you can display anywhere you like.

You can also use your Procreate pocket to turn your iPhone or iPad into a painting pad. If you’ve ever had a sketch pad, you know how much fun it can be to experiment with different colors and paints. Now, with an iapypaw, you can actually use your tablet as a canvas in which to paint and create designs that you can later save and print out. The possibilities are endless!

Another way that the Procreate pocket can help you get more creative is by providing you with access to an amazing array of tools. This includes the ability to apply different effects and filters to your pictures, as well as tools such as a texture remover and erase tool. This means that you’re no longer limited to the selection that is included with your camera or from drawing apps on the iPhone itself. Instead, you can add your own personal touch to your images with the Procreate app. This feature also gives you the ability to change your style at any time; perfect if you’re preparing for a big presentation or taking an image collage for a friend who’s not always interested in the finer details of your images.

The iapypaw’s canvas-like body and unique drawing tools allow it to feel like a professional tattoo artist has designed your picture on the Procreate pocket canvas. When you place the Procreate’s canvas against the surface of your photo or photograph, it will produce a soft, translucent image that you can then explore with exceptional control and clarity. Once you have created your painting using the Procreate’s unique features, you can print it out on any type of printer, regardless of the paper used in your ordinary printer. And, because you can also preview your artwork on the screen of your iPhone, you can ensure that you are happy with your final results before going to the artist!


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