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Get Ready For Procreate Lessons


Get Ready For Procreate Lessons

You’ve made the decision to finally get your hands on a pro create! To make the best purchase you should consider the brushes you’ll need. The right brushes will ensure a successful and enjoyable session. This doesn’t mean that a high priced set will be better than a lower priced set…but it does mean that if you go with higher end brushes you can expect more durability, more quality, and a greater value for your money. Here are some of our top recommendations.

The Procreate line is especially popular among crafters. The Procreate starter set comes with five brushes. These brushes are the absolute best brushes for Procreate, second, third, and fourth time users alike. Each of these sets is hand crafted by us…and then supplemented with amazingly talented artists and illustrators from around the world. This simply means that the texture offered by the Procreate starter pack comes directly from the artist and illustrator’s own studios.

Our recommendation for a new brush set is the Rock Kids Rock ‘n’ Roll Procreate Set. It’s a huge package that includes a big assortment of super soft natural bristles, along with a texture brush, a palette knife, and three sizes of the Rock ‘n’ Roll drawing pads. What sets this apart from other similar sets is the fact that it includes all of the comics and pencils necessary to complete your project. That means that you don’t have to leave the house to start creating comic books or pencil sketches. We’re also big fans of the built in flash feature that Procreate has integrated into their system. This allows you to easily share your creations with family and friends.

The Love Procreate Set is another great option. This set is focused on sketching and no pencils are included with this option. But what it does mean is that you can take all of your sketching tools and add them to your professional drawing surface with the help of Procreate pro tools and a few Procreate accessories. Included in this set are a huge assortment of brushes including: an airbrush gun, an eraser, and an angled brush. Along with these brushes, you’ll find an assortment of other tools like an eraser head, a palette knife, a vinyl pencil, and a pencil case.

Another option that might be right for you is the Procreate Stencils Set. These are the same types of brushes mentioned above but in a set that includes a wide variety of different options for enhancing your artwork. You will find a metal adjustable eraser, soft rubber pencils, an angled pencil, and an airbrush gun. Each of these tools works well with different types of media so it’s a good idea to try out each as you learn to draw and refine your techniques. This collection also includes a selection of gouaches so that you can practice shading with the Procreate line.

If you have never tried the assortment of brushes Procreate offers, you’ll want to take advantage of the full assortment available right in the studio. While you are learning how to create, these full packs are a great way to experience exactly what professionals do when they set up a model of a scene with realistic watercolor brushes. Not only do you get to use the brushes in a physical format that you can hold in your hand, you also get to learn about the best practices for creating watercolor art with this application. So go grab your brushes and get ready to begin learning how to draw with Procreate.


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