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Fonts For Procreate – How to Choose Your Font For Use in iPad

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? Don’t worry, this article can show you exactly how to import fonts onto Procreate, straight here in this free video walk through. Check out the free video walk through to learn how, now. Want a text walk through?

fonts for procreate

Importing fonts is super easy with the built in importing tool on the main page of your Procreate page. Simply click the “igraph” icon, then “draw” (click the little pencil icon by the clock-shaped icon at the bottom right of the main page). If you’d rather not use an actual import tool, you can also add fonts from an external source by right clicking on the word you want to place inside your text layer. You’ll see a drop down box that says “font”, choose any of your fonts that you’d like to add, then click “import.” This will replace your previous font with the imported one.

Tap the plus sign next to the word “draw,” if you’d like to apply certain formatting to your drawing. Tap “ioscripting” next to that if you’d like to run the iOS program in portrait mode. In addition to the regular iOS app, you can use Procreate’s iPad keyboard, or its tap target, to draw your iPad’s letter shapes directly onto your fonts. Finally, tap “ioscripting” to display the iOS app. When the sketching program displays your fonts, you’ll have to tap “load” to bring up the loading screen. Loading a sketch is super simple – all you’ve got to do is select the fonts you’d like to use, then tap “load” again to place them onto your fonts list.

Aesthetic Design: As mentioned before, one could draw upon any of the hundreds of different hand-drawn aesthetic fonts, and have them appear on your sketchbook page. The problem with this is that not everyone has the same aesthetic taste. If one of your friends, for instance, likes geometrical patterns, how do you know what kind of geometric pattern you should use for your lettering? The answer is to draw your own artwork. There are many software programs out there that allow one to draw whatever visual aesthetic they desire. These programs allow one to import artwork into their fonts for Procreate in different sizes, allowing one to experiment until they find just the right one.

This is actually a common problem with many of the many different fonts for Procreate. Many fonts come with only one type of format (digital or vector), meaning that when you try to open one, it may display incorrectly. The most useful thing to do in these cases is to experiment by importing a bunch of different file formats. You may find that one format works best for you, or you may try several formats until you find the one that works the best for you.

Compatibility With Other Apps: Since most fonts for Procreate are either Photoshop files,.gif files, or PDF documents, it can be a challenge to get them to work with other apps. Most fonts for the iPad require that they be imported as bitmaps instead of as mere text. However, there are a variety of other options for the iPad’s portability and ease of use. If the fonts for Procreate are in the iPad package, then all that one needs to do is import those fonts as bitmaps and then use those fonts for any project that uses them. The iPad can open these fonts as if they were just any other bitmap font.


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