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Fonts For Procreate

If you love calligraphy, why not try out different fonts for Procreate lettering designs, illustrations, and so much more? Or how about the ideal Procreate graffiti font? Let us take a closer look at some of the most interesting fonts for Procreate drawings and inspiration for your upcoming Procreate projects.

Perhaps you want to have fun with a specific script font. Script fonts include Courier New, Arial, Palatino, and Greys Roman. Just to name a few, each of these script font sets are available in both text and grayscale versions. One cool thing about script fonts is that they don’t always have to have a starting ‘C’ or ending ‘R’ to make them interesting.

Another neat feature we want to mention is the use of imported fonts for iPad artwork. When you open a new file, Procreate will first check if there are any imported fonts for the project in question. If there are, it will load up the relevant fonts and display the glyphs as thins, sharps, or in either black or white. An example of an imported font for a Procreate drawing is the script font used for the cover of our iPad illustrated wedding book. To use this font, simply tap on the imported font from the Resources & Style palette.

Finally, to finish off this quick look at fonts for Procreate, let us take a look inside of the official iOS app. Not only does the Procreate app display a list of all of your fonts, but it also lets you edit and share your font collection! The Import/ Export Fonts section of the app allows you to select several files and open them using the file manager. We’ve been able to save the imported fonts to our Procreate library, as well as export individual parts of the glyphs as text, saving the file to be used in other apps.

The most important thing to take a note of here, however, is how easy the font selection process is. Unlike some of the competition, Procreate has very straightforward interface controls, allowing you to easily sort through the available fonts for the typeface you are trying to create. There are even options on the main page to let you preview what the typeface will look like when fully styled. Finally, once you find the right typeface, the style will automatically be chosen for you. It’s really that easy to get a feel for working with the Procreate font engine. While it isn’t anything revolutionary, it is still a nice touch to have in a typeface creator that functions as simply as possible.

It is a bold step forward in the technology world for Apple to include such an innovative tool as this. Fonts for Procreate is a real stylistic leap forward for software that is still somewhat new. While it does lack some of the neat features found in some of its competitors, it still packs a powerful punch. The fonts included with the font are a real aesthetic treat for any designer who wants a simple way to kick start the creation process. If you’re looking for a solid hand-drawn aesthetic to apply to your next project, the fonts for Procreate are a great choice.


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