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Drawing Tools – The Pros And Cons Of The Procreate PDA Sketchbook

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Drawing Tools – The Pros And Cons Of The Procreate PDA Sketchbook

Introducing a new program that can help you to express yourself creatively with photographs is Procreate. This interesting app was developed by the creators of the well-received Procreate for iPhone, now available on iPad as well. This Procreate app lets you sketch and express ideas on the go, and even anywhere you find visual inspiration. You can use the Procreate application at any time – on the go or on a bus or plane. The sketches you make can be exported to an iPad or emailed to friends and family.

Procreate is very similar to other photo editing apps, such as Portrait Professional or Adobe Photoshop. Its unique application allows you to import photographs, adjust lighting and color, add special effects, apply filters, apply merge techniques and edit text. For the first time, you can import digital media from your hard drive and import videos, music or photographs into your iPad. Importing media from your computer is now easier than ever thanks to the Touch Bar, which provides a dock connector and miniature keyboard for easy access to all your devices. The Procreate pocket also acts as a camera, with a 1.6 inch screen allowing you to take photos with your digital camera or cell phone, or with your stylus. A built-in flash drive allows you to save images directly to your iPad.

With your Procreate pocket you can use your iPhone or iPad as an artist’s pal, creating unique canvas paintings or sketching projects. Using the pressure sensor on the Procreate, you can emulate brushes while drawing. You can draw in the air using the Air Painting feature, or change the color of a drawing by tapping on the color wheel. You can erase lines, change brush size and paint in 3D using the grid and glow features. You can also export your work as a JPEG or PDF file for a friend or printer.

If you have been working on your iPad for some time, you may be surprised to see how little space is actually consumed by the Procreate. Compared to many other tablets, the Procreate takes up much less space. It’s also very easy to transport your work to your home or office using the Procreate dock connector cable, which connects to the iPad via the USB connector. The Procreate pocket fits easily into a wallet, purse or briefcase, making it an ideal item for artists and musicians to carry around. With its durable aluminum frame and premium quality leather exterior, you can wear your Procreate all day long and never worry about the durability of your artwork.

In addition to being a portable drawing surface, the Procreate offers a wealth of other functions including: support for wide variety of digital art software, support for live streaming video, support for multiple IPod applications, support for “pin code” technology, an incredible array of pressure sensors, a “destruct” function, a powerful editing application, and a host of other functions including; document sharing, image editing, photo retouching, and a whole slew of other functionality. The iPad uses Apple’s own graphics processing chip the A5, which is also used in the iPhone and iPod Touch. While the Procreate is smaller than the iPhone, it does not compromise in terms of power or capability. It has the same high quality of sound that you would get from an ipod, and it also comes with a built-in gyroscope to accurately measure your baby’s head size.

The Procreate pocket is very reasonably priced, costing about $50. If you’re looking for a convenient way to use your Procreate as both a drawing surface and a digital tool, then this is definitely an option for you. It has been compared to a large drawing board and works extremely well as such. Its solid construction means that it will last for years, making it an excellent investment if you plan on having the Procreate for many years. Although the price might put some off initially, you’ll find that the Procreate is actually cheaper than similar drawing tools on the market today. If you’re planning on purchasing one soon, be sure to check out the Procreate!


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