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Drawing Tools – Procreate


Drawing Tools – Procreate

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at drawing pictures? Have you ever wanted to take your artistic abilities to the next level? Do you want to know more about the brushes you should use and how to make the best out of your art supplies? Have you ever wanted to be on top of the “artistic world”? Then here is the information you need to know about brushes and how to draw with Procreate.

There is nothing better than smudged, big thick pencils for making rough, large, bold sketches. There is only one thing that being much better: free, big fat uncolored pencils! These beautiful sketching brushes contain tons of texture and are super easy to use. These pencils have been specifically designed for quick, dirty, no-fuss touch-ups when you are in a hurry or need to get the last details of your drawing down quickly.

Brush sizes can be changed at any time. Tap and hold the brushes while dragging the handles in the Procreate interface. The default brush sets are located inside your Procreate user folder. Simply click on the default brushes and you will see a list of brushes you can change. To change your brushes simply drag the handles into any position within your default brush sets until you like the look, or simply tap and hold the brushes until they snap to your preferred position.

These sketching brushes come with two standard shapes: a straight and a curved bar. You can change these shapes at any time by double-tapping the shape and dragging it in place. If you need to make any other changes on the standard shapes you will need to open your Procreate sketching toolbar, scroll to the tools section and modify the default shape. You can also edit the color and patterns via the sketch tools at any time. This means that if you want to change the colors of your sketches you just select the appropriate tools, choose a new color and begin sketching.

Another feature available with the Procreate line is the fact that Procreate comes with its own line of standard pencil brushes. These standard pencil brushes are great for all your in-process sketching. This includes everything from pen-to-paper, airbrush, pencil, markers and even watercolors. All the standard pencil brushes come in a smooth and sturdy metal frame. There are also rubber-dipped tips for the standard pencil brushes to ensure that your in-process drawings stay on target.

The final drawing tool set within the Procreate package is a full complement of eraser, font, and eraser brush sets. The eraser and font brushes are especially useful for creating lettering effects in Procreate. The font brush set contains flexible brush sizes to create a variety of effects, including solid, dotted, and gradient styles for text. Lastly, the eraser brush set is perfect for removing unwanted lines and creases in your Procreate sketches.


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