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Procreate Pocket (free on App Store) is an iPhone version of the highly successful Procreate drawing program for iPad. Like the iPad version, Procreate pocket is built on the very same compressed iSilicate-Metal engine as the Apple Pencil powered iPad app. Like the iPad, this is also a free app. However, unlike the iPad, it does not come preinstalled with the device.

procreate pocket

The app allows users to draw freely, create, edit and arrange their own pictures and illustrations in the comfort of their own home. The features are many an improvement over the old version of the procreate drawing app. The new version can even export to SD cards. It also comes with a range of useful features including sketching tools, live support for multiple devices, editing options, pressure support for fine details, support for rotated formats, thumbnails for larger images and much more. The improvements over the previous version of the iPhone program is quite remarkable, though it does feel a little clunky at first.

One of the most noticeable changes is in the user interface designed by Savage Interactive. Unlike the bulky and complicated interface designed by Apple, the Procreate interface designed by Savage seems very intuitive and cleanly designed. There are three tabs for the different drawing functions in procreate pocket: effects/effects, content/shape and sketching. The app gives you several visual cues to show which tab you should be in. The interface designed by Apple was too confusing and complicated for the novice, but the layout of the Procreate app is designed to be easy to use even for the most non-technical user.

The main draw back of using an iphone for drawing is that it lacks the capability of a pen and allows you to only use an iPhone for drawing. With this app you can experience the power of a computer drawing program right on your phone, with no requirement of a computer or special software. You can also download and save your work straight to your iphone, so that you can edit it straight away. The fact that the Procreate app uses a pen-based interface means that you can take full advantage of all the functions of an iphone, while still keeping your hands free for other tasks.

The biggest benefit of using the Procreate app is that it allows you to take your artwork with you anywhere, as long as you have access to a laptop or computer. This makes travelling or going to an exhibition much easier than using a standard drawing board, as you can simply pop your tablet/ipad into your pocket and bring your sketchbook with you. Most iPad owners who are worried about losing their sketchbook when travelling also appreciate Procreate as it fits firmly within Apple’s own range of approved products. This also stops you from having to worry about buying separate items for such occasions, such as holders or pencils for your ipad.

As well as producing top quality artworks, the Procreate pocket ipad app allows you to do a lot more. You can easily upload your images straight onto your website or blog, saving you a lot of time and effort drawing them and uploading them. You can also use the app to update your blog regularly, with the click of a button. If you are planning a big event coming up soon, you’ll find that this can save you a lot of time and worry. It’s also incredibly easy to share images with friends, which is a great way to spread the word around about any exciting new project you might be working on.


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