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Drawing App Draw It Like A Pro: Procreate Pocket

Version 2.0 of Procreate Pocket has just been released, and it’s essentially a brand new program which has been specifically designed around the iPhone in mind. Procreate Pocket now comes built upon the powerful Metal-Capped Glass-powered Apple Pencil-based iPad app, and app developer Savage Interactive has said that each line of code and every single pixel are entirely new. This is all accomplished by using the Apple iPad’s own graphics rendering engine. It also has full access to the many rich, fully integrated iPad apps that support a wide variety of media-sharing features. In addition, the app is packed with lots of other nice stuff such as a video screen capture tool, an enhanced i clipboard, the ability to export directly to YouTube, and even more.

procreate pocket

The reason this Procreate Pocket app is so much fun to use, though, is due to its in-app purchases. If you love social media and happen to be a lover of time-lapse photography, then you will definitely love the Procreate Pocket. Time-lapse shots are captured right onto your iMac or PC with a combination of the iPhone’s front-facing camera and the Procreate Pocket’s motion sensors. Then you can either save the images for a later date, or share them with friends or family members who may appreciate the beauty of a time-lapse image.

Artists looking to really kick things off with their latest sketching creations can do so with the Procreate Sketchbook App. This multi-faceted, easy to navigate, drag-and-drop interface is especially nice for those who may have very little computer experience but a true desire to sketch the perfect drawing. The Procreate Sketchbook even allows users to use a variety of brushes, colors, and textures to bring out the individual characteristics of each stroke. For example, if you wanted to make a cartoon-style illustration, simply drag and drop your hand into the sketch program and let the strokes take over your computer monitor. Then with a couple of quick selections you’ll have your perfect cartoon drawing completed in no time.

As mentioned above, the Procreate Queries window is where you can enter and store questions you might have about using the Procreate pocket software. It’s also where you can start browsing the large database of in-application tutorials and resources. As mentioned above, there are lots of interesting items on offer in the window. In particular, users can check out how-to illustrations, video tutorials, guides on drawing specific items, and so much more. If you’re still a little unsure of how the Procreate interface works, don’t be afraid to jump in and experiment. You never know, you may find something that makes it even easier to create, draw, and edit your artwork.

The main downside to using the free version of procreate pocket as opposed to buying the paid version of the app is that you won’t get access to all the features and tools offered by the suite. As mentioned above, the free version only offers the basic features and tools most people will need to begin creating decent-looking in-app purchases. This means that most people who want to make in-app purchases will need to spend more time exploring the various options available. Another drawback is that the free version of procreate pocket is limited in its technical support. Although Apple has yet to announce any plans to expand the Procreate pocket software’s technical support, there’s no telling whether or not that’ll happen anytime in the future.

One other thing that the procreate pocket app is lacking compared to the other two versions of the procreate drawing app is the sort of tutorials it offers to first-time users. While the other apps lets users easily begin drawing with basic shapes and colors, the in-app purchase version of the suite only allows for very basic tutorials to help new users learn the basics. Therefore, new users may find that it’s a little bit too basic. However, the tutorials are still decent enough, so new users shouldn’t feel like they need to spend much time learning the ins and outs of the suite. The free version, though, still has a lot to offer.


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