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Drawing and Painting With Procreate Brings Out the Best in Young Artists

Procreate is a great baby product. For ages, my two little girls have loved their “big” and “special” sibling, whether it’s because they are identical twins or because they share identical genes. But I’ve also witnessed their fondness for the more mundane toys like wooden blocks and rattles. In fact, these two cousins have become so fascinated with such items that we’ve gotten them personalized with the best Procreate brushes.


I especially love the wooden blocks Procreate gifted to my daughter. Though I’m not sure why, but seeing the blocks presented in that way brings back memories of when I was young. So it’s a very special gift that will definitely be appreciated by both sets of grandparents. The best Procreate brushes are made in the shape of a wooden block, so you can see right through it and have your own picture done in the illustration.

You can find the best Procreate brushes with your personalization pack included. As you probably know, Procreate creates some of the most amazing illustrations available on the market today. To see how beautifully your child might capture an image with this product just click on the screen. This pack comes with a cute pink “Sally” drawing kit, along with three brushes that are perfect for making a simple, yet fantastic colored illustration. Each brush is packed in its own individual box. All you need to do is open the individual brush package to reveal the magic within!

With the Procreate retro brushes including those provided by the starter pack, it’s possible to make a colorful, yet sophisticated image of your own. These fine quality brushes will enable you to produce professional looking illustrations with ease. With a professional looking illustration, you can really start to make some magic with your children and get them to understand the importance of keeping their artistic voices alive and well.

The procreate digital pencil inking kit offers you the flexibility to create innovative images with ease. Once you’ve taken your child’s original drawing and transformed it into a Procreate drawing, you’ll be able to apply paint quickly and easily. Plus, you’ll enjoy the special features included in the Procreate line of pens including the eraser tool, which is the best feature you’ll find in any digital drawing software program. You can also create black and white drawings, giving you the freedom to bring more color to your drawings while maintaining the professional tone. It is easy to learn the Procreate application because it includes tutorials and a number of guide screens that explain the proper usage of the pen.

There are several different types of pens you can use with your Procreate application including the basic round ball point brush, the medium bristle brush and the soft touch roller brush. Your child can select the pen that suits her best from among the various Procreate brush kits. The brushes come in numerous sizes and you’ll discover that they’re designed for various tasks including shading, coloring and drafting. You’ll also find a number of accessories available, such as storage boxes, carrying cases, pencil sharpeners and erasers. The Procreate drawing and painting kit retails for less than one hundred U.S. dollars.


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