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Drawing And Painting Tools From The Procreate Pocket

procreate pocket

Drawing And Painting Tools From The Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket is iPhone App of the Month because: It helps artists of all levels to sketch, paint, and draw without compromise, anywhere inspiration hits. It s not often that an app with this depth and power of Procreate Pocket is released. This best-in class digital art app unlocked the full potential of iPhone as a powerful tool for artists and hobbyists alike, blending a portable canvas with high-end features usually reserved for professional tools. The ease-of-use and versatility of this app makes it ideal for both amateurs and professional artists, even those just learning to use a computer.

Unlike many other drawing apps, Procreate Pocket feels and works extremely well on the larger screen of your iPhone, with all the buttons and menus you need easily accessible. Unlike many other programs designed exclusively for the big screen, this one feels and works on the smaller iPhone too, with just the right amount of space between the two screens for you to get used to using the bigger digital drawing tool. You can use Procreate on the go, taking it out of your pocket or purse, or you can take it with you on trips. No matter where you are, you can take your Procreate Pocket with you and turn any ordinary pencil into your own customized drawing studio.

Another great thing about this latest drawing app is its size and capabilities. It is ideal for carrying around at all times, from your pocket, bag, or to your car’s glove box if you plan on traveling with it. The Procreate pocket is also extremely easy to use and navigate, with a clean design that eliminates clutter and provides all of the features you would expect from an artist’s software program. This program also provides a number of fun and creative tools you can use to embellish your pages with your own imagination. For example, there are dozens of different brushes and pencils available to you, each with their own unique shape, size, and purpose. If you find that you are not satisfied with the default assortment of brushes included with Procreate, you can easily download and purchase additional brushes that will help you enhance your artwork and make it much more appealing to the eyes.

In addition to the hundreds of brushes, pens, and other Procreate tools, another feature you will definitely want to check out is Procreate’s Time-Lapse Recorder. This time-lapse replay feature allows you to capture in motion what you are doing, so that you can easily review it later. By creating a time-lapse video using your iPhone, you can instantly share it with family and friends or even put it on YouTube so everyone can see. With the Procreate Time-Lapse Recorder, you can record everything you do in your Procreate pocket while you are away from your computer, so when you get back, you will have a visual reminder of everything you did. Everyone will be able to see how much time you spent working on something and what you did to complete it.

The only thing I would like to caution you about with the Time-Lapse Recorder is that it does require that you have an iPhone in order to work effectively. If you have an old model iPod, you may not be able to get it to capture a video, because the built-in cameras on most iPod models are too small to capture an impressive time lapse sequence. In addition, you should always keep in mind that most high quality iPod products are not compatible with the Time-Lapse Recorder, as they do not contain an internal camera lens. You will need to use the iPhone’s adapter in order to capture videos using the Time-Lapse Recorder.

The Procreate line of drawing and painting tools is definitely my personal favorite! If you haven’t taken a look yet, you should really consider giving them a try. Even if you are an artist or professional, you can benefit from learning more about the Procreate line. They offer several applications that are specifically designed for artists, including a tutorial application, brush library, and paper-based drawing and painting tools. Even though I love the Procreate line, I will admit that there are better products out there.


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