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Degree in Digital Art and Visual Effects

The Digital Art and Design (DAAD) program provides students with a solid foundation for an extensive understanding of digital art and video games. Offering a solid foundation for a wide spectrum of skills necessary to master digital art, this majors focuses on the aesthetics of digital art and successful technology for an interactive, hands-on experience. Students in DAAD programs should be creative, resourceful, and technologically savvy individuals who are passionate about visual culture.

Digital Art

This program aims to teach students how to analyze and critique contemporary art through the study and application of contemporary video games. DAAD students will learn how to visually interpret digital art through the examination of popular video games that are often used as teaching tools. The key skill gained from this program is an ability to perceive the artistic language of video games. Students will develop an aesthetic appreciation for the specific qualities present in many popular games. Through this program, students will develop a critical eye towards artistic medium through an examination of both new and traditional forms of artistic communication.

Students who would like to further explore their creative and technical abilities should consider enrolling in Drawing Tablet Studies (DTIS). With a strong connection to the expressive world of line drawing and painting, students can opt to take courses in this program if they want to develop a more in-depth artistic vision. Combining expressive and technical knowledge with a fundamental knowledge of computer technology, Drawing Tablet Studies (DTIS) will teach students how to produce expressive works of art by utilizing a range of digital art tools and innovative computer application programs. With a focus on expressive drawing, DTIS offers a unique opportunity to develop artistic expressions through the application of digital technology.

For aspiring digital artists, it is important to master the skills needed to effectively create, manipulate and enhance digital art. Courses in the Creative Arts field will help artists learn the basics of drawing, along with technical skills necessary to create digital art. A thorough comprehension of composition, line drawing, and basic color theory are essential for successful completion of this program. By integrating technical aspects with expressive ideas, students will be presented with a range of artistic possibilities. Furthermore, digital artists will also be introduced to current photographic applications and digital photo editing.

Courses in Visual Effects (VBE) provide the art student with a thorough understanding of color, contrast, lighting, visual design, and space. By integrating VBE concepts with traditional drawing techniques and creative ideas, visual effects students will be presented with a variety of artistic possibilities. In particular visual effects are used in commercials, cinema, animation, and computer-generated imagery. A combination of practical training and creative vision will prepare students to be effective in their future professional careers.

In summary, if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career in digital art, a degree in Creative Arts with majors in Visual Effects might be an excellent choice for you. The versatility and creativity these degrees bring to your profession make them ideal choices for both artists and industries. For artists interested in teaching, VBE can further their training while developing their own unique vision. For industries that need creative but highly technical artists, the combination of traditional technical drawing techniques and cutting-edge digital technology might be just what the industry needs.


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