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#Procreate Creamy brushes

Happy to introduce our new Creamy Lettering Brush Set for Procreate App with +20 3D Stroke brushes that were made especially for Lettering and Calligraphy. This set contains many different brushes, including a wide range of Creamy Lettering Effects (thin, bold, rough), brush pens, bristle brushes, a variety of realistic brushes, and others. With this set, you can create many different styles – graphic lettering, classic ink, smooth calligraphy, expressive textured designs, and many more!

#Procreate Hand Lettering Guides

40 guides lettering Procreate, ideal to make the best hand lettering and typography, you can use those guides to write your favorite quotes for t-shirt or print and logos.

#THE LOGOTYPER Toolkit for Procreate

Happy to introduce our new LOGOTYPER Brush Set for Procreate App that was made especially for Logo Creation & Typo designing. Logotyper, Is a combination of 3 types of brush sets :

  • Guides: grides to help you make good lettering composition and keep the letters consistent
  • Lines: a unique selection of 3d / outlined brushes to create artistic letters
  • Shapes: a selection of pre-made shapes to frame your logotypes

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