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Creative Career Options With Digital Art And Design

The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Maryland offers over 45 majors and minors to their students. The College of Arts and Sciences is located in College Park, Maryland. DART’s mission is “to cultivate extraordinary academic and professional potential and to enhance the fabric of society through discovery and creation.” The College of Arts and Sciences offers a strong emphasis on visual and performing arts, offering courses that combine art, science and math for a stimulating and rewarding experience. Students can choose to study a variety of disciplines, including communications, art history, dance, graphic design, film, interdisciplinary studies, multimedia, nursing, visual and performing arts, theatre, visual and performing arts, from a variety of disciplines offered by DART. Students will be equipped with a strong foundation in math, science, and liberal arts in addition to the core courses required in each of their respective majors.

Digital Art

Digital Art and Design (DAD) program focuses on teaching students how to utilize digital technology in the fine arts. This program provides a strong foundation for a wide understanding of digital art and design. The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to providing students with an education that will prepare them to compete in today’s marketplace and to design cutting-edge and innovative visual arts and design for both professional clients. Students will learn many of the technical and creative components of the visual arts through seminars, workshops, and experience in the studio.

A digital artist is an artist who makes his or her own artwork with the use of computers and the internet. Artists can use traditional means of drawing, painting, or sculpting in the 21st century in order to create unique artwork. Unlike traditional artists, a digital artist does not need to paint, sculpt, or work with physical mediums. A digital artist can create his or her artwork digitally using the computer, a tablet PC, or a smartphone. In other words, the world of digital art and design does not require the artist to leave the comfort of his or her home.

There are two major benefits of learning digital art and design. The first benefit is that anyone can learn it. While there may still be some individuals who choose to pursue traditional classes in the art world, more people are turning to the online world to fulfill their creative needs. Online classes allow digital artists to take their work to a new level, allowing them to exhibit and sell it in virtual galleries and market their art online at any time of day or night.

The second benefit to learning digital art and design is that it opens up many career options for the artist. Traditional artists are limited to the mediums that they are most familiar with. If they are interested in painting with oils, they may only be able to use oils, not acrylics, for their paintings. With digital artists, however, they can take their work with them no matter where they choose to live. If an artist is looking for work, they can simply take their computer screen and paint any subject they choose.

The opportunities for creativity with digital arts and design are endless. Artists can take their work anywhere they go, making them as marketable as any traditional artist could be. This gives digital artists a leg up on the competition, because they have an edge that no one else has. They are better educated in the digital art and design field, and therefore, command a higher price than many other artists. This doesn’t mean that they command top dollar, however. Prices are always on the rise, so even if you don’t break into the millionaire’s row right away, your artwork can eventually be purchased for thousands of dollars, and even millions.


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