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Create Your Workflow With the Procreate Pocket

procreate pocket

Create Your Workflow With the Procreate Pocket

Version 2.0 of Procreate Pocket has just been released, and it’s essentially a brand new application which was designed especially with the iPhone in mind – after all, the iPhone is what makes it easy to create and edit photo slideshows and movies. Procreate Pocket also works well with the iPod Touch. The iPhone and iPod Touch are closely linked in many ways – in fact, the iPod Touch was actually developed by Apple in conjunction with the hugely popular iPhone. So, it was only natural that the two devices would share some features, right?

When the original version of Procreate Pocket arrived with its huge list of features, there were a few complaints that people had with it, mostly revolving around compatibility with the Apple iPhone. The problem with the initial version was that it was not compatible with the iPhone’s built-in 3d touch display. After all, why would you want to use a software application which requires the use of the phone’s special dock to function? However, this issue has now been resolved thanks to the inclusion of a second screen – one which is also touch sensitive. Instead of requiring the user to use the dock, all that’s required is that the user touches the Procreate’s home button twice, which then triggers the 3d touch display.

While the list of features included with the Procreate Drawer app for iPhone and iPod Touch is pretty extensive, there are a few things that the software doesn’t have, like the ability to export images from the camera up to A4 size documents. This can be used, of course, with the Procreate Movie Out application, which also supports viewing and editing of standard picture files on the iPhone. In addition, it is limited to being able to export to standard jpeg formats. The procreate pocket space is definitely larger, however, and does allow the user to upload several different files at once.

Perhaps the biggest feature that the Procreate Drawer for iPhone and iPod Touch has, however, is the time-lapse recording system that is integrated into the program. The time-lapse feature allows the user to take several different photographs at different times, then choose to create a slideshow out of them. To do so, the user clicks on the “Time Lapse” option, which opens up a new page in the Procreate interface. From here, the user can select which camera or photos they want to include, as well as whether they want to include sound. At the end of the time-lapse, the resulting file will be saved to the user’s computer or exported to YouTube.

While the Procreate may not have all of the features that some users would like to see in an iMovie-like app for their iiphones, it does come close, at least in terms of what it can do. In addition to the photo gallery option that was mentioned above, users can also import their own pictures from their own digital cameras or stock portfolios. This allows the user to create a collage out of their favorite images, which they can then export to their PC or iPod for viewing. The canvas quality of the Procreate, however, isn’t anywhere near as refined as what one would find on the iPhone, which means that the final product doesn’t turn out as nice as one would hope. However, it is still an attractive option for those who are looking for a professional-looking photo album on their iPad.

The Procreate Drawer for iPhone and iPod Touch comes with a soft case that makes it easy to carry around. At the bottom of the drawer, there is a cutout that allows the user to tap directly on their images to save and print them. At first glance, this seems to be quite a simple app that just duplicates the functionality of other photo apps on the market, but one has to wonder why such a complex drawing utility is bundled into such an easy to use, entry level product. Fortunately, the price is quite competitive, especially when compared to similar products from other manufacturers. For those who need the most creative experience available on an iPad, the Procreate is a great pick.


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