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Create Your Own Works of Art With the Procreate Pockets For the iPad

Developer Savage Interactive has just released a new version of their popular baby care application called Procreate. The new version is enhanced with a new design, including new icons, a new layout, and many more improvements. The new version is even better than the first, offering even more ways to personalize your nursery. Here are some quick highlights from the latest version:

procreate pocket

First, you can now go into the “Brushes” section of the screen. In previous versions, the brushes were located on the top left corner, next to the clock. Now, you can go to each brush and see its tools, which include colors and sizes to choose from. If you need to switch out your existing layout, you can do so without having to restart the app. Finally, the developer has completely overhauled the entire app, completely rewriting all the code and adding in the new Silica M, the exact same graphics engine used in Procreate for the iPhone.

As with most applications, one can also now take advantage of 3D Touch on the iPhone. The accessibility button at the bottom right corner of the screen is now available with three different levels of interaction: enable, touch, and release. The ability to 3D Touch allows you to use your finger to paint with precision and allows you to easily paint on a wide variety of items, including objects in the Procreate interface. You will find that using the 3D Touch function in Procreate pocket for the iPhone is especially useful; it lets you easily simulate the action of actually painting with a brush or pen.

Another notable addition to this version of Procreate is the airlock, which allows you to lock the screen on either side for protection when using your phone’s stylus. This feature also allows you to use your stylus with greater accuracy. The airlock is especially useful if you have delicate nails; it helps prevent damage to your delicate skin. The Procreate’s ability to support a larger number of brushes also means that you will not have to spend time switching from one bush to another, as you can select any number of brushes to use with the iPhone and iPad.

As with most applications designed for the Apple device, using the Procreate application is very easy. However, users do have some minor issues with the way Procreate controls the screen. When you apply the application to an iPhone, it does not register your touch properly. This makes it difficult to touch things like buttons or other sensitive areas. Even though this can be fixed, most people would rather learn how to use these kinds of apps by reading about them and then practicing on their own instead.

For those who prefer not to download an additional application, the Procreate pocket for the iPad is an excellent alternative. It is similar to the application in design and most importantly, it works with the iPhone and iPad. It has a larger multi-touch screen and includes many useful features. You can create and save custom messages, use your existing photographs and import music and videos. For those who want more options, there is a version that supports all the popular social networking sites on the iPad including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.


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