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Create Workplace Artwork With iSight Gallery

procreate pocket

Create Workplace Artwork With iSight Gallery

Developed by award-winning digital artist Savage Interactive in Australia’s wilds of Tasmania, Procreate Pocket is a powerful creation tool that enables users to create professional-quality art without the need for any previous art software experience. Available in a free demo version for iPod, users can brush up on painting techniques and concepts while exploring new textures and palettes. By simply dragging and dropping brushes and other objects, Procreate Pockets provide an intuitive interface that permits a user to quickly create a range of unique paintings that he/she can share with family and friends.

Procreate’s greatest value proposition lies in its size relative to the iPhone, allowing users to take full advantage of the larger screen’s landscape orientation. Developed by renowned digital artist Savage, Procreate Pocket gives you all the tools you need to create professional-quality artwork without ever having to leave your pocket! Picking out the Procreate Drawing App will give you access to over one hundred pre-loaded brushes, which are perfectly proportioned to the size of the display. In addition to that, it provides users with an extensive assortment of brushes including an assortment of mediums like gel, liquid and foam; along with other unique functions like erasing and creating multiple patterns.

In addition, the Procreate app allows you to instantly import images into your projects by uploading them to the iSight gallery, allowing you to experiment with different effects and apply visual changes with just a few taps. When you finish up your project, you can also download procreate pocket’s free Time-Lapse Export function to store your work on your computer or load it on other devices such as your iPod. Time-Lapse export allows you to export your artwork into JPEG, PNG or others; as well as customize the resulting image with a color palette. You can even set specific time intervals for when your artwork will be available for viewing.

The Procreate pocket also offers a full integration with your iPhone’s dock connector allowing you to quickly connect to your iPhone via the dock or use it as a portable media player. It has an inbuilt pressure-sensitive painting mode that makes drawing and painting a breeze! With a large, easy-to-read screen and high-speed connectivity, the iSight Gallery makes it ideal for sharing your artwork with friends and family while on the go. Additionally, the built-in pressure-sensitive painting mode allows you to pinch in and out to change the size of your artwork.

The Procreate pocket is designed exclusively for the iPhone and is perfect for any budding artists who need the professional tools offered by a professional drawing app. The Procreate drawing app gives you access to over one hundred brushes, allowing you to create professional-looking artwork that resembles real pencils and pens. If you are wondering how you will store your creations, the iSight Gallery allows you to connect your artwork directly to your iiphone’s internal memory or the SD card that is included in your phone. This feature allows you to take your artwork with you wherever you go, ensuring that you will never run out of art to show around the house or office. In addition to being able to save and share your drawings, you can also import them right into Photoshop. This feature is perfect for when you have a finished product that you would like to display to friends and family, but do not want to copy and paste your design into the picture editing program.

The innovative pocket iPods allow users to view and print their artwork directly from their pocket, anywhere at any time. The Procreate Pocket iPods are designed exclusively for the iPhone and do not interfere with using the charging port or connections on your iPod. You can even use these pocket iPods with your pocket PC. They work with all versions of the ios operating systems, so whether you prefer Windows, Mac OS, or even Linux, the Procreate Pocket iPod will fit your need.


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