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Create the Best Art You Will Ever Have With Procreate Brushes

When it comes to art, Procreate is one of the most sought after paint sets that you can buy. The popularity is not surprising because it is a great kit to work on with your kids. It allows you to work on your pieces without worrying about smearing or unevenness and allows your kids to express their creativity with paint instead of with markers and crayons. When you go to choose a Procreate kit for your next arts and crafts project, you have to decide first what type of paint set you are looking for. If you are thinking of buying just a basic paint set, then you will have to find the right ones to suit your needs.


The best Procreate brushes are really the ones that your kids will use the most. When you have a Procreate app, you have an excellent drawing and painting tool that allow you to doodle, sketch, and paint anything that your little one wants to. There are a lot of great options that allow you to experiment and develop your skills with the pen and paper. To help you navigate all the amazing choices available, the following are the best Procreate pens for digital illustration:

The G modeling chalk is a wonderful pencil that is a Procreate original. The cool thing about this chalk is that it is both a wet and dry medium. It helps to create different types of textures, and even has the ability to knead into soft clay. With the sharpener that comes along with this chalk, you can easily adjust the size to create different sized drawings, allowing you to experiment with various mediums that other brands don’t offer.

Another favorite Procreate pencil that is included in the best procreate brushes set is the KWEX pencil. This is a fine art pencil that is able to add texture and shading to your sketches. If you love to play with shadings and have fine colored fingers, you will love the smoothness of this pencil. With a variety of texture palettes and colors available, it is easy to produce high quality designs.

One of my favorite pencils by Procreate that you should definitely have been the Nighthawk and Halftones brushes. These brushes really allow you to explore your creative side and to apply shading to your artwork. Nighthawk brushes are available in black and white as well as in a variety of colors, which allows you to create some really wild and crazy shadings and designs. Halftones also offers different color palettes for you to choose from, allowing you to create some fantastic and unique color schemes that are sure to spark some creative ideas.

For more tips on how to create the best Procreate art, check out these Procreate drawing tips from Guy Hamilton. With over 40 years experience creating professional artwork, Guy Hamilton has learned how to bring his imagination to life. Check out his portfolio and learn more about the brushes that are available to you when you purchase the Procreate line of pencil inking supplies. This pencil inking kit is the best choice for anyone who wants to start their own art or hobby business. With the quality and variety of Procreate’s brushes, you are sure to create something truly wonderful.


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