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Create, Customize and Retouch Photos on Your Apple iPad

Powerful enough for innovative designers. Simple enough for everybody. Award-winning Procreate Pocket combines creative design with function in a pocket-sized art canvas. Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone, this professional painting tool makes it simple and easy for anyone to create professional-quality artwork. When you want to bring the best of your imagination to life on the go, download the free version today!

procreate pocket

Create unique, one-of-a-kind creations using the Procreate Pockets. The innovative, full-color, smudge-proof, ready-to-color, high-resolution canvas gives you a range of tools to choose from. With an intuitive interface, users can instantly apply colors, adjust tones, blend backgrounds and edit images to create unique works of art. With its large, WVGA, 9.7 inches, pixel, LCD screen, Procreate Pocket provides you with the ultimate portable canvas that’s perfect for sharing your work with family and friends. Procreate provides you with an extensive range of brushes to choose from and a multitude of embellishments to add details. Smudge-proof, high-resolution artwork is also provided as an option for those with low or no vision.

Powerful and creative. When you’re ready to create a masterpiece, simply transfer your digital art from the Pads onto the Procreate canvas. Connect to your computer and open the Procreate PDA software, which is a simple, step-by-step program designed specifically for the Apple iPhone. Next, use the stylus to guide your strokes. After that, transfer the artwork from the digital art pad to the pocket dimensions of the Procreate screen and let your imagination run wild.

Connect to your computer, iPhone and Procreate. Using the supplied USB cable, connect the PDA to your computer using the supplied USB cord, using the Procreate interface. If the Procreate interface doesn’t work with your iPhone, simply use the supplied USB cord to power the PDA. You can then use the Procreate stylus to draw and move the images on the display in all their glory. If your iPhone isn’t powerful enough to handle large images, simply increase the size of the image size on your iPhone using the on board image editing tools.

Enjoy working with your PDA and your Apple iPad. PDA’s are perfect for those who travel on the go. With your PDA, you’ll be able to stay connected and keep up with your business or personal life. You can check your email, reply to email, browse the internet or reply to a text message all from the comfort of your pocket or your favorite ipad. And, don’t forget, you can turn your iPad into a desktop computer by downloading applications that let you view PDFs on your iPad. These applications are widely available and provide you with much more functionality than is available with your standard laptop or notebook.

The iSee program designed exclusively for the Procreate pocket and the other iPods and iPads manufactured by Apple Inc. allow you to create amazing photo albums and use sophisticated editing features to retouch and edit your photos. You can also edit and save your favorite pictures in different sizes for a variety of purposes such as printing, emailing or uploading to the web. The iSee app provides a preview of your photo album for you to preview and decide if you wish to print out the album or send it to someone. In addition to this wonderful capability, this program designed exclusively for the Apple iPad is also extremely easy to use and has a huge number of uses.


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