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Create Better Art With Procreate iPhone Pockets

Procreate Pocket for iPhone and iPad is a unique and innovative product in the world of mobile apps. This application offers all the features you would expect from a full version. The application has various “layers,” which serve various purposes. First, it allows you to organize your brushes by type, shape, size and color. Second, it enables you to manage your playlists and albums. Third, it offers advanced features that let you manage multiple connections simultaneously and access your phonebook via Bluetooth.

procreate pocket

As one of the premier ios applications, procreate pocket for iPhone and iPad uses a unique application design that makes using the application easy and intuitive. Its user interface is simple and easy to understand, and intuitive touch gestures make using the application fast and smooth. You can browse your brushes in three separate pages – a “by date,” “to date,” and “play/pause.” Each page has its own browsing pane, and each page has two or three mini-applications that allow you to change how often you wish to scrub, edit or add a new brush. You can also change your play/pause speed at any time.

Additionally, this application also offers a unique feature known as the wild card extension. With this feature, you can quickly and easily mix and match different apps and brushes from your application store. This extension provides a one-of-a-kind way to access and use all of your apps and brushes. In addition, the iOS app of procreate pocket for iPhone and iPad supports gesture controls for quickly accessing your options and functions within the app.

One of the most impressive and advanced features integrated into this painting app is the live previews. A “live preview” allows you to jump right into a brush you’re about to paint with in order to experience the fluidity and smoothness of movement that only a professional painter knows. You’ll get a preview of fluid motion and complete control over the size and color of the brush. In addition, the live preview allows you to switch between brush styles, enabling you to work on your foundation and then create a stroke in one of your brushes for a seamless transition. You’ll also have access to the standard brush and palette, which allow you to select the appropriate tools for each stage of the painting process.

Additional procreate pocket program features include the ability to transfer your artwork directly from your computer to your phone using Wi-Fi or 3G. You can also import an image from a digital camera, poster or stock image. This support allows you to enjoy an unparalleled combination of photo editing options and professional grade technology. This application also provides automatic photo retouching options, including a retouch brush along with a variety of touch and pen based functions. You can easily apply make-ups, shadows and highlights and enjoy high-quality image editing on your iphone.

The Procreate iPhone pocket program designed specifically for artists is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. With hundreds of activities to choose from, no matter what skill level you currently possess, you are sure to find something that will enhance and improve your skills. Best of all, you do not have to purchase additional software. This amazing program is designed exclusively for use on the Apple iPhone, providing you with all of the functions and features you need on one convenient device. No other program offers everything procreate provides, which makes it an invaluable app that every artist should download.


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