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Create Beautiful Lettering Using Procreate’s Color Palettes


Create Beautiful Lettering Using Procreate‘s Color Palettes

The best procreate brushes are an integral part of any drawing, painting or sketching experience. However, many people tend to use the wrong brushes while working on their projects. You may be tempted to grab the first brush you see, wanting to get the job done as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Unfortunately, grabbing the wrong brush can make things go wrong and end up with a poor image that you’re not happy with.

It doesn’t have to be difficult finding the right brushes for your drawings, painting or sketches. In fact, thanks to the large selection of Procreate tools available, it’s incredibly easy to find exactly what you need for your work. If you struggle to decide which brushes are best for your images, why not take a look at the Procreate Brushes palette? With over sixty different brushes including a wide range of synthetic fiber and synthetic plastic fibers, there’s sure to be a brush that’s right for your particular image.

A popular option that many artists prefer is the calligraphy brush pack. Available in a variety of sizes and brush types, the calligraphy brush pack offers a realistic feel for your images. With realistic bristles and lengths, you can create brush strokes that will replicate the intricacies found in calligraphy. To make things even easier, there are soft brush options available for those that aren’t looking for the richness and realism offered with the regular brushes. The soft brush pack includes rubber bristles that create a more subtle appearance for your images, allowing you to create a more subtle type of appearance. This option is great for those that want a more natural, softer look to their images without sacrificing realism.

The wide variety of textures allow you to recreate various textures found in various textures. For instance, if you have an outline that needs to be created, textures are easily adjustable to create the best texture possible. You can adjust the depth and width of each stroke to replicate various textures, like the waves created when water is dashed on a stone or the bumps found when someone touches a surface with their finger. When you need to reproduce a matte surface, textures offer an easy alternative. With textures you can reproduce the raised bumps found in marble or the gentle curve of a wooden pen. All of these textures and more are offered by the Procreate brush pack.

The last option available in the Procreate line is a set of pencils. These tools offer you a wide variety of options for creating unique lettering. Whether you’re creating lettering for your scrapbook or need to reproduce an image, the Procreate pencils can help you achieve an amazingly unique result.

There are numerous other features included in the Procreate line, but there is one aspect of the entire set that is most useful and indispensable. That feature is the Kickoff Lettering Toolbox. With the Kickoff you can quickly jump right into color matching, gradients, and detailed strokes for every project. You can also use the Kickoff without affecting any of your other brushes, so you can easily move between projects and not worry about making multiple changes to individual brushes. This toolbox allows you to effortlessly transition from creating lettering to sketching and everything in between.


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