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Cosmetics and Other Crafts: Procreate Set


Cosmetics and Other Crafts: Procreate Set

Procreate, the baby product line of Baby Phat, was designed with women in mind. With many celebrity moms onboard, Procreate has created a perfect, affordable way to ensure that new mothers can create an incredible first baby with any color or shade of their choosing. With the best Procreate brushes (Premium & Free), you can create the most beautiful and unique baby portraits, allowing friends and family to take a look at your little one while still keeping them safe from accidental procreation. From soft and fluffy white to bright reds, black & gold, and everything in between, these brushes are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to bring your imagination to life. The best Procreate brushes have been tried and tested, and are offered in bundles that save you both money and time without sacrificing quality or style.

Themed Procreate Bundle – This bundle of brushes includes five soft, fine-tipped brushes and a vinyl storage container. This package is great for mothers who would like to have a more conventional look but still want to add a touch of femininity and sparkle to their babies’ first photo session. Themed bundles are available in black & gold, pink & burgundy, black & silver, and classic black & bronze.

Professional Collection – The bundle offer from Baby Phat is the Professional Collection. This set is a massive and exhaustive collection featuring the best procreate brushes and drawing tools available. It even includes a medium and a drawing pencil. It includes a medium sized bottle of Silhouette Silk, which when applied stains the paper (you can clean this later). It also includes the best procreate illustrator software that you will need to create your professional drawing.

Soft and Medium Bundle – The Soft Bundle offers two different sets of brushes. One is a set of medium-soft bristles that are specifically for use with soft pastels. They are very thin and translucent giving the illusion that they are made of paper. These brushes are ideal for shading in areas that need it. The second set of brushes in this bundle is made specifically for soft pastels and are much thinner and less translucent giving the illusion that they are made of wood.

Illustrator Set – Baby Phat has put together an amazing set of high quality illustrator tools for procreate. You have the total palette available including a bottle of vintage liquor, a set of vivid turquoise colored pencils, and a full assortment of gouache fragrances. You will also get a full assortment of assorted brushes. This package also includes a medium density foaming brush, a baby phat pencil, and an assortment of gouache shadings. If you are looking for that perfect gift, the graze scarred pencil shadings would be a great gift to go along with the procreate kit.

In addition to all of these amazing tools in this procreate kit, you also have the option of buying the entire set of procreate accessories which includes a whole set of texture brushes, shapes, and sponge paints. This bundle is great for the beginner crafter. The texture brushes in particular are a great way to create some of the more unique textures that are found on many of your favorite drawings. Plus, the sponge paints give you even more flexibility and the ability to really create some amazing detailed pictures.


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