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Choosing a Career Path in Digital Art Creation

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Communication will study the art and science of visual communication. This degree requires a strong background in mathematics, but includes strong interdisciplinary studies that delve into the visual arts. Students will learn technical and artistic skills, including graphic design principles, computer graphics, animation, digital art production, and web design, to produce eye-catching interactive multimedia projects in the digital environment. These multimedia and interdisciplinary studies are combined with business practices and communication skills to best prepare the student for the workforce.

Students studying in a BFA program in digital art will study the history of digital art, experimentation and exploration of new media, contemporary digital art mediums, historical digital artworks, and the evolution of the visual arts. The emphasis in this program is to explore digital art as a medium of new social communication. The programs explore art history, media studies, and creative process analysis, combining these disciplines with computer-aided design (CAD) applications.

For contemporary artists, the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication allows you to explore different artistic mediums such as digital art, collage, film, printmaking, sculpture, painting, pottery, and installation art. You’ll be given extensive training on the technical aspects of each medium and the importance of preservation, as well as the ethics and aesthetics of working within a specific medium. You will also be required to utilize various software programs, as well as take part in hands-on studio learning experiences. The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication provides opportunities for aspiring artists to develop both their visual communication skills and their marketability by presenting projects that are produced on a budget.

Graphic communication has become a vital part of advertising campaigns in recent years, as a lot of today’s businesses have started to use computers as part of their marketing strategies. Students who study digital art will be exposed to advertising, communication, and digital art, as they explore the ins and outs of digital art production. After completing this degree program, you will be prepared to present effective computer art presentations. In addition, students studying this degree will be prepared to utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software when creating artworks for either the business or themselves.

The Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts is usually intended for students who plan on entering the visual arts as soon as they’ve finished graduating from high school. Students can expect to take part in hands-on classes and engage in performances that involve the use of sound, light, and movement. This degree offers an excellent foundation for a career in the visual arts. With this career path, you will be able to explore the academic and professional connections between visual and performing arts.

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in this field, the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Web Design is a perfect choice for you. Graphic and web artists are typically hired by ad agencies, marketing firms, and other firms in the industries. For a creative person with exceptional skills in using the internet, this might be a great career path for you. You will work closely with artists, designers, and graphic professionals to create unique advertising campaigns and art creations. The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Web Design is dedicated to preparing students for positions in advertising agencies, graphic design, web design, and the promotion of new media.


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