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Changing Your Fonts For Procreate

fonts for procreate

Changing Your Fonts For Procreate

Never worked with fonts on Procreate before? Don’t worry; this brief walkthrough will show you how to easily import fonts from your computer to Procreate, straight here in this page on Envato Tuts+’. Specifically, we’re looking at the font you’ll find on the main menu, which is called Times New Roman. Warning! This tutorial is very advanced.

To start, importing a font is as simple as clicking the “importing” icon from the main menu of Procreate. Once that’s done, you’ll see two lists: one for fonts that are currently installed, and one for obsolete fonts. You can either choose to keep the fonts you already have (if you want an aesthetic effect) or discard the ones you don’t really need. We’ll talk about aesthetics next.

We now know to use fonts on Procreate so let’s move on to the actual steps of importing them. To do that, go to your fonts folder (found inside the fonts & layouts folder inside your account). Under the fonts folder, you’ll see several subfolders, each of which corresponds to a program, application, or layout variant – in this case, the MS Windows font system. Next to each of the folders, you’ll see a button that says “use fonts”, which is the green arrow you see above.

Now that you’ve found that button, click on it. A dialog box will pop up. The “use fonts” option is at the top of the list. Now, click on the option to download new fonts. In the “add fonts” dropdown menu, you’ll see several options, including some that are automatically downloaded to your PC by the system, others you may have to pay for. The choice usually depends on what you want to do with the fonts, such as changing the tap colors to match the main color of the uterus, or giving them a French country effect for a Victorian look.

Once you’ve selected a font file for your layout, click on “install fonts” to complete the installation. Your chosen fonts will now be installed in Procreate’s system, replacing all of the existing fonts in your computer. If you’re using the default fonts for the default system, then any additional fonts you’ve downloaded should also be available in this section. If you’ve changed your mind and want to use a custom-made font, you’ll see a section for that on the next page.

Finally, to complete the installation, go to the main settings and click on the “styles” tab. Select all of the fonts you’ve downloaded, and click “reset” to return to the main fonts list. You should now see your new “brush font”, which uses the default fonts for Procreate. Changing the brush font back to the original one should return the font to its normal size and position on your text box.


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