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Buying A Procreate Brush Set


Buying A Procreate Brush Set

Want to know what is the best Procreate brush for creating fireworks? It is the Hurricane Flute. Yes, you heard right. This is the only brush that is made especially for Procreate and can create stunning fireworks when blended with the right material.

Top Procreate Brushes (free & premium) This is the best procreate pack as far as I am concerned. It comes with an assortment of brushes including the popular Hurricane Flute, the Zenith, the Eternity, the Summer Lace, and the Tall Cascades. All are made of high quality material that creates a realistic texture. The texture is so realistic that my wife thought they were made out of paper. It has an adjustable spray volume that lets you control how much “spray” is applied.

My wife has been asking me to make fireworks for her on a regular basis. Well, now I have the answer for her. With the Procreate app, you can easily make the perfect fireworks for your next party. The amazing part about custom brushes is that you can apply different textures to the same set of custom brushes. For example, you can apply a light pink shimmer on the Eternity and a darker pink on the Summer Lace.

My favorite Procreate “prodigal” brushes include the Horseshoe, the Hurricane Flute, and the Zenith. These brushes all come in a basic black paint, but with the Procreate app, you can easily change the color to whatever suits your fancy. Another great feature of Procreate is that it comes with two sets of ink brushes. One set consists of black gel pens for writing and sketching, and the second set has a nice assortment of brushes that are ideal for creating lovely images, artwork, and drawings. You can apply ink to these brushes to make them look more realistic.

The only downfall to the Procreate system is that you can’t create your own custom brushes. This means that you will always have to purchase new ones to be able to change the color of your ink or apply a different texture to your brushes. This isn’t a big issue, but if you are like me, you do have a few tattoos that you aren’t quite ready to show off to everyone. The sad thing is that the Procreate system does not allow you to replace those brushes.

The Procreate system allows users to upgrade their products at a very reasonable cost. If you love the brushes including gouache, then you may want to consider the procreate brush packs. These packs include a variety of brushes including: blue eyes, black ink, charcoal, copper, and much more. For a very reasonable price you can have the brushes you desire.


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