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Buying a Bundle of Procreate Brushes and Other Accessories


Buying a Bundle of Procreate Brushes and Other Accessories

Procreate is a popular and trusted method of childbirth for many expectant mothers out there. So it makes sense that they have several different options when it comes to choosing the best procreate brush. You can choose from disposable or organic brushes, you can get them in all sorts of sizes and shapes, you can even get ones with multiple uses. All in all, there are lots of different brushes out there, which is good if you have so many options to choose from.

But one type of brush that is very useful for any mom who wants to take procreate to the next level is the Batman: The Gotham City Collection Acrylic Pencil Sets. This set includes a brush that have a large circle on the end, a big round head, and three different colours of coloured pencils. While you obviously can’t use these with your baby, these are the perfect choice for outlining, painting in places, and creating cool backgrounds with your comic book or graphic novel. I mean… what’s not to love about this kind of set?

Another one of the best procreate brushes that I found recently was the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic iPad Procreate Bag Set. This set comes with a full sized brush, a lipstick brush, and a pencil. With all of those items combined, you can create thousands of different illustrations. Yes, that’s right – millions of different drawings, including some that are probably not going to look anywhere near as good printed on paper as they do on an ipad. It’s a fantastic way to make sure that whatever silly little drawing you happen to make on your pad looks just as great on the screen as it did on your paper.

For something a bit more specialized than brushes or pencils, you can also purchase custom brushes, or texture packs for your Procreate. There are two types of custom brushes that are available. First off, there are actual live paint brushes. These are simply special sized brushes that Procreate sells in bundles with their other accessories, and they can be purchased directly from the procreate website.

The second type of custom brush you can buy are texture packs. A texture pack is an actual image that you load into your Procreate program, and it will replace the default sketch that Procreate takes from your palette when you load up your program. Some of the best texture packs look like clay or even like different kinds of stone. That’s just a few examples – there are tons of different ones available, and each one has its own unique feel and appearance. So, instead of buying the normal brushes and pencils that come with your procreate program, you can spend just a couple of dollars and pick up an appropriate texture pack to make your sketches look like something out of a coloring book.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your art look like it was created by a child, especially if you purchase a good bundle of procreate brushes along with some of the other accessories that are sold separately. But remember, if you feel like you’re having a hard time figuring out what kind of artistic medium to use to express yourself, you can always hire a pro to do it for you. However, if you’re a beginner, and you want to create some of your very own artwork, you can save a lot of money by buying a Procreate bundle and finding your own painting mediums.


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