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Brush Sets – The Pros and Cons of Each One


Brush Sets – The Pros and Cons of Each One

Looking for the best procreate brushes? With the Procreate Ultimate Brush Sets you get a total of 300 brushes that are compatible with Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator and Affinity (so almost 1500 brushes). And it’s only $39. Holy Grail!

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t have hundreds of brushes laying around your house. Well, nope! The best Procreate pen inking sets include everything you need to complete professional looking tattoos, not just a few brush options. For example, there are the Diamond Pencil inking set, the Eternal Candle inking set, and even the Private Reserve line of brushes. There are so many brushes to choose from, that I almost feel like they’ll give you an unfair advantage since most people won’t have that many brushes laying around. It’s just too much.

You will also find an awesome set of texture brushes in the Procreate Ultimate Set. The textures included in the Procreate Ultimate Set are all exclusive to this brand and only available in the Procreate Ultimate Pen Inking Pack. So, if you love the texture, but hate buying a bunch of different brushes, the Procreate Ultimate Brush Pack is for you. With all the various textures available in the pack, you can create some seriously unique tattoo designs and that’s what I love about Procreate.

Let’s talk about the best procreate brushes. Well, first we must go over the Diamond Pencil inking set. This is probably the most versatile pen in the whole wide world of pen inking. I can do so many different things with this pen including shading, filling, and even lining up. The diamond pencil is also one of the hardest pens on the market, which makes it perfect for shading and giving that perfect finish to your illustrations.

Now, let’s talk about the Drunk sailor stippling brushes. The Drunk sailors stippling set is an awesome collection of brushes for every occasion and hobby you can imagine. The set includes two gouache brushes and four pencil shimmers. This is a great set of procreate accessories that will give you hours of fun experimenting and drawing.

I hope I didn’t bore you to death with these Procreate brushes and accessories. After my experiences with the Procreate line, I now realize that I could write an entire book on the pros and cons of the Procreate brand. All I have to say is that if you’re looking to get into procreate art, but don’t have any experience, you should really try a Procreate kit. If you do have some experience, however, the brushes in the kit are what make the art come to life. Give them a try!


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