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5 Best Procreate brushes for stunning results, this is what we use!

Hello guys! we’re very happy to share this special post with you where we will show you what we use to create beautiful and eye catching digital art using Undergloves Procreate brushes, we hope that you will love them.

1. Lettering Guides 

With 40 guides for Procreate drawing, this lettering guides are ideal to make the best hand lettering and typography art, you can also use those guides to write your favorite quotes for t-shirt or print and logos if you need inspiration for your merch.

IMG 6655 min Procreate Brushes

For any serious or dedicated lettering artist, the only way to get better is to expand and experiment with the many possibilities available with a fine art Procreate set. Presenting Procreate Lubrication Sets. A complete set of over 211 brushes for Procreate to recreate the brushes used by professional lettering artists. They all are made with high-quality synthetic oil-based products to emulate the same professional tools that top pro lettering artists use. Each brush has a different technique that creates a myriad of different effects that are sure to make a statement about your work.

In this toolkit, you will find everything you need to start hand lettering in Procreate on the iPad Pro.

The new grids & guidelines 2020 for Procreate for the best lettering projects .

2. Creamy Lettering Brush Set With +20 3D Stroke brushes that were made especially for Lettering and Calligraphy. This set contains many different brushes, including a wide range of Creamy Lettering Effects (thin, bold, rough), brush pensbristle brushes, a variety of realistic brushes, and others.

Undergloves 7 Procreate Brushes

With this set, you can create many different styles – graphic lettering, classic ink, smooth calligraphy, expressive textured designs, and many more!

variety of styles | procreate brushes

When it comes to textures and detail, nothing compares to the large variety offered in the Procreate Texture Collection. These large brushes cover all areas from busy, bright city streets to the smooth curves of a water fountain. These textures can be blended and defined for an array of detailing effects. And, thanks to the various color palettes included, you can match the palette to create beautiful and original color combinations that match or contrast with the design of the artwork you are creating.

3. Manga light brush set for Procreate

If you dont love mangas just leave XD NOW! Who dont i mean, and this is why we created a special edition Procreate brushes toolkit for Manga Digital art.

We think that the most difficult thing in drawing mangas (especially on procreate) is the postures, the faces and mostly the effects. We tried to create the perfect Mangas light Brushes with major effects that an arist will need.


Includes more than 14 brushes to simulate high-quality special effect lights in anime and manga made for Manga art, illustrators, and designers.

1 Cover 2 Procreate Brushes

4. SUPERHERO Character builder TOOLKIT :

SUPER HERO CHARACTER BUILDER is an amazing procreate brush pack including guidelines and anatomical cartoon references to create an amazing drawing and to make character design much easy for you in procreate.

Superhero character guideline brush pack contains more than 60 brush for the procreate app:

  • 10 head shapes brush guides
  • 10 chest brushes guidelines
  • 9 stomach and abs brushes
  • 6 legs brush guide
  • 20 brushes arm shapes ( 10 each right and left )
  • 6 hand brushes
  • 10 accessories & objects

SUPERHERO CHARACTER BUILDER for Procreate will help you create endless combinations and will facilitate your creative process.

5. The UNDERGLOVES Lettering Bundle :

The best for the end.

This is a bundle of our 3 best seller brushes pack : amazing lettering creamy brush set, brush guides pack, and manga lights brush set for procreate.

If you want to do lettering in Procreate app, this is a MUST.

hope you enjoy it *.*!

IMPORTANT: These brushes are for the iOS app Procreate VERSION 5 and higher and for use with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (or compatible stylus).

These brushes DO NOT work in Photoshop or other applications.

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