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An Overview Of Art Classes At Goldsmiths College

For anyone interested in the visual arts, the University of London’s Department of Art History offers classes that range from beginner art programs to advanced seminars on contemporary art practices and theories. A dedicated department of the School of Art & Design, the university has been educating students for over a century, offering courses on nearly every art topic under the sun. Offering a solid basis for a broad knowledge of digital media, this department maintains an innovative interdisciplinary approach to both creative practice and cultural evaluation. Classes offered include courses in Digital Art and Society, Gender and Sexuality, and Pop Art, as well as advanced digital art training courses focusing on photographic and performance art.

The Department of Visual Arts & Design offers classes designed to train students in the new technologies used by today’s artists to create and produce their work. Classes offered range from learning digital art software and sketching to the production and manipulation of 3D digital art. Departments also feature art education programs for high school, middle school, and college students interested in learning about digital art. Offering professional development in industry associations and networking opportunities, these programs offer an excellent opportunity for artists looking to advance their careers.

Computer Art focuses on new methods for visual communication and interactivity based on computers and the Internet. With the advent of the World Wide Web, computer art has developed as a discipline. Masters in the field combine theoretical knowledge with practical application to teach students how to use graphic design software to communicate visual information in unique ways. These visual communication and interactivity concepts are using to help students produce visually aesthetic works of art, including paintings, video, and performance art. Computer art is a fast-growing field.

A program offered at Goldsmiths College focuses on visual communications and creative imagery. Students learn how to manipulate images and graphics, as well as how to select and mix colors, backgrounds, shapes, and materials. The program helps students discover their own artistic style while developing innovative ideas and visual aesthetics that inspire and motivate them.

A cross-curricular curriculum offered at Goldsmiths College trains students in the creative use of digital technology and other media. Students learn about color schemes, types of ink and paper, effects, and composition, through an advanced multi media arts programme called Goldsmiths Graphics programme. This programme was developed to equip students with a highly creative edge over other creative students of similar abilities. By using a range of digital art tools, students can build realistic aesthetics, and conceptualise innovative conceptualisations. A range of studio sessions, seminars, workshops, and one-on-one tutorials provide students with the knowledge to spark new ideas.

Students in Goldsmiths College can pursue degrees in Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Music, Printmaking, and Creative Writing. Students can also undertake an intensive study of contemporary issues in visual art. A major focus in Goldsmiths coursework is the development of digital technology and its impact on contemporary aesthetics. By utilising cutting-edge technology, artists can develop powerful visual artwork that will influence tomorrow’s society.


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