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Digital art is a form of art that makes use of electronic or digital technologies as part of the design or artistic production process. Since the early 1960s, different names are used to describe this technique, which includes computer-assisted art and computer-aided design. Digital art itself is placed under the broader umbrella term new media arts. These include performance art, literature, and film.

One form of digital art makes use of photographic images, such as photographs, to create art work. For instance, a photographer can take a still photograph of a still-life painting and modify it with the use of photo editing software. A painter who prefers to work in a traditional medium may be content to alter existing images using a scanner or paint into a canvas using digital technology. Mixed media, such as sculpture, mixed media, and installation art, are other examples of digitally-assisted art.

In the realm of painting, one form of digital art includes manipulating still-life images. For instance, some artists may choose to add text to an image, whereas others may choose to make a collage from multiple images and then stitch them together to create a meaningful piece of visual art. Other artists choose to make use of the power of the internet to share their work with the public. These artists may create digital art that can be viewed by other people on the Internet or exchanged through various social media platforms.

The field of digital art also encompasses the area of visual effects. Visual effects can take many forms, such as digital painting and sculpture, sound design, video editing and animation, and visual marketing. For instance, one could say that visual effects are the application of computer technology to the creative process. This encompasses everything from assembling an element to applying a makeup technique on someone’s face.

Video animation is one specific type of digital art, and this form has become increasingly popular among various artistic disciplines. Video animation involves employing moving graphics, such as character drawings, images, and 3D computer generated scenes to tell a story or to provide a point of view for a particular subject. There are many different types of video animation, including romantic comedy series, nature footage, short films, and even advertisements.

There are many aspects of visual arts that fall under the broader umbrella of digital art, which allows artists to express themselves using various mediums. For example, a painter who prefers to work in oils or acrylics can do so using a computer and a variety of software, whereas a tattoo artist working in traditional mediums can easily produce a tattoo using his or her chosen medium. Many different artists utilize digital technologies to express themselves, and the results are anything but static. Artists who embrace this new medium can change the world using computer generated art, and create powerful pieces that stand the test of time.


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