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An Introduction To The Procreate Pockets For The iPhone

procreate pocket

An Introduction To The Procreate Pockets For The iPhone

With its new, improved features and unique code, Procreate Pocket 2 isn’t just another sketching program. Instead, it works well with smaller iPhone models, as well, but its clean and minimalistic interface really maximizes the larger iPhone X’s bigger screen. If you want to be able to take your Procreate Scrapbook onto the go, you’ll appreciate that this version lets you import your designs directly from your computer. It also has a variety of other tools to help make your pages come to life, including a line spinner and a clock, so you can always stay on track.

Procreate Scrapbooking app can export files in a variety of formats. You can choose to export to PDF, JPEG, or Paint Shop. The latter two options are recommended if you plan to share the pictures you create with others or want to make a custom sticker. If you want to import your files, just open them in Procreate’s compatible program, select the format you’d like to use, and drag and drop into your projects. However, it’s worth mentioning that most of the interface is made to be simple to use, which means that you could easily spend more time enjoying the various aspects of this useful app than worrying about how to import the data.

One of the greatest selling points of the procreate pocket is that it lets you export your work in different sizes for optimal viewing on the iPhone, such as the iPhone X’s large landscape mode. This means that you can have Procreate Scrapbook at any size to match whatever display you have, ensuring that your scrapbook will look amazing on the biggest of mobile devices. You can also use the larger app’s toolbar for various features, including adding text, rotating brushes, and adding objects. Even when the feature list is longer than you would like, it’s still easy to get around with the buttons. The built-in undo function means that you can experiment with different elements and ideas without worrying about losing them – it’s a great feature for beginners.

For many people who are using the procreate pocket for the first time, they may find themselves wanting to try out the drawing feature in order to get a feel for using the drawing tools on the iPhone. Unlike other apps, the Procreate drawing app enables you to not only draw in the usual way, using the oval and circle shapes, but you can also add a texture map for more realistic results. This really comes in handy when you’re using complex elements, such as trees and flowers, as they can get quite difficult to draw for even the most experienced of users. To add the textures, all you have to do is tap the ‘Map’ icon, and the Procreate drawing engine will prompt you to select your texture. The same thing happens when you need to change the colour of an element – all you have to do is tap the pencil icon and enter the colour you want to use. You’ll find that using the drawing features of the Procreate pocket on the iPhone is very easy indeed.

If you’re more comfortable with the drawing features of the procreate pocket 2 than you would be using the computer, then you can go for a more traditional style. If that’s the case, the built-in pen tool is a great addition. The Procreate pen has a 3D effect which means that you can get really detailed work done if you so wish. The same features apply to the photo sharing features that are available with the iPhone – you can upload your work to a wide range of online services that allow you to print it out and share with your friends.

Overall, the Procreate pocket is a great device for developing unique and professional artwork. The design comes with a storage unit which is easily removable and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. However, in order to get the best from the Procreate pen, you will need to make sure that you know how to use it correctly. This is very easy to do and once you have the hang of it, you will find that it will be a snap to complete all your artwork designs for your iPhone. The application is not complicated but it does have some additional functions that you may find useful to make your artworks look the best that they can be.


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