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All About Procreate – Drawing Tools That Are Perfect For Illustrators and Artists

Procreate is currently the best procreate brushes and drawing software for iOS. This is one of the few programs that allow you to draw on paper from your iPhone or iPad. You can also export your drawings as bitmaps, so they can be used on other devices. I know it is possible to find free apps that do the same thing but they are very expensive and are not what I am talking about here.


Procreate. Procreate is actually an application that enables iPad users to edit images on their iPads. It’s actually a high-quality professional desktop program which can greatly enhance your sketches. Now when you use the exact same illustration on multiple different devices, you aren’t restricted by the screen space.

Here are some of my favorite Procreate brushes including gouache, halftones and a wide selection of chalks. The greatest feature of Procreate is its high quality drawing tools. It has many tools including lines, strokes, fills and highlights. Another feature that I love is its interface allows me to quickly go from one tool to another.

My two favorite Procreate brushes are the chalk and the line. The chalks are my everyday pencils and erase tools. If you are a chalk artist then I would highly recommend that you grab a copy of the chalk board palette for Procreate. It’s made of top-notch high-performance materials and are a great addition to your sketching arsenal.

The best procreate brushes include the soft pencil, line and shade gels. You can also purchase the gel pens for Procreate as well. The best pencils are the ones made with cork and leather for ink protection and to keep your finger comfortable. These pencils are great for any type of illustrator.

There are many other great Procreate accessories that you can buy that will not only add texture but will greatly help you in your projects. The main additions that I recommend to your Procreate kit are the texture brushes and the air brushes. The texture brushes will give you a great edge over your competition. The air brushes will let you bring in a lot of depth with your sketch. These Procreate kits are well made and provide you with everything that you need to become an amazing illustrator.

All Procreate kits come complete with five high-quality brushes: a square sponge, an oval Schnauzer, a round sponge, a large triangle sponge, and a fine triangle sponge. The fine triangle sponge and the round Schnauzer will give you the ability to apply rates, dry fluff, bark, and a variety of textured textures to your paper designs. All Procreate kits come with a large assortment of textures to choose from so you can create unique textures for your designs.

If you love to draw or if you are an illustrator, then you will love using a Procreate. The high-quality brush set that Procreate provides will help you turn drawings into great artwork that you can submit to galleries, put on your website, or even sell on E-bay. By purchasing your Procreate kit you will have all the necessary supplies to become an artist who does not have to rely on other people to do all of the hard work for him. All that you will need to get started is a standard drawing pad and a regular pencil. You will have all the supplies that are needed to create great artwork that you can submit to galleries and market on the internet.


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