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A Quick Look At The Procreate Pocket – An Overview Of This Powerful New Artist’s App

Developed by Savage Interactive in collaboration with Australia-based animation studio, Procreate Pocket is a charming and unique pocket camera. The aptly named Pocket Camera is an engaging and charming game that challenges users to create life-like characters and explore their natural beauty. With this unique camera, users can take stunning photographs of themselves or other people. After taking pictures of your subjects, you can then share them with friends over Facebook, MySpace or email.

procreate pocket

Produced by Savage Interactive in Australia, Procreate Pocket is a hand-held, iPhone-based title that permits users to capture beautiful shots of themselves or other people. There is also Gaussian blur, a popular among graphic designers for gently smoothing lines. In addition to the different brushes, the app also allows users to create their own unique backgrounds and add text and images to the photographs. In order to enhance the graphics of the portraits, users can use a stylus.

To enhance and support the Procreate Pocket app, it requires the iPhone-native iMovie for Mac to be able to export the images. This is a very useful function for those who want to edit the photos once they have captured them. At the same time, it would be a big disadvantage if the iPhone were to crash, which may result in losing all of the images taken in that particular period of time-frame. Another advantage of this feature is the fact that the images produced are highly optimized for the large screen of the iPhone, so there will be no chance of the images looking fuzzy or otherwise distorted. In fact, the images produced look so great on the iPhone’s large screen that some people actually complain about having blurry text and pictures on their phone.

In addition to the professional tool that Apple has developed for the iPhone, the second version of the Procreate painting app also comes with additional advanced features. These include sketching tools, multiple sketches can be saved in one document, and the size of the canvas has been adjusted from large to small. The colors and styles of the palette have also been adjusted to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

The only real downside to the Procreate pocket 2 is the fact that it doesn’t have a high enough resolution to export images from the camera. However, this is probably a problem that will be quickly resolved as software makers continue to develop better tools for the next generation of cell phones. Another disadvantage is the lack of in-app purchasing available on the application. Although this feature could potentially make the Procreate more attractive to artists, it may turn off more creative professionals due to the fact that it lacks some of the features that they use regularly on their professional level work.

For the price of $0.99, the Procreate pocket is an effective way to bring high-end image editing and creation power into your own iPhone. With its ease of use and wide range of functions, the Procreate is something that will likely find more uses than any other non-professional device for artists. Although this is a powerful and versatile art app, it does come with the trade-off of lacking some of the features that would truly separate it from other artists’ tools. If you need an easy to use, yet powerful tool for taking photos and organizing your digital media, the Procreate pocket is a safe, affordable, and simple choice that you’ll likely find yourself investing a lot of time in.


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